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Honolulu PTQs: Wanted Dead or Gone!

January 13, 2009

Hello everybody, I have been out of town during last week but now I’m back home and ready to start blogging again.


Today, I’m going to talk a little about a card that I think might be a sleeper card for today’s Extended format, more precisely Dead//Gone. While I was doing something less entertaining last week it suddenly popped up a thought in my head; Dead//Gone must be super saucy in Extended right now! (And I discovered that other has realised the same.)


What is attracting about this card to me is the versatility you get. You can do so much with the card in the format, and it’s almost never a dead card right now. It’s almost straight better than other Shock-effects people play if you ask me. You can kill elfs with the Shock-half and the Gone-half will bounce Predator Dragons, Mycoloth or a jitted creature. Further on, you can Shock different kind of faeries, bounce Dues of Calamity or Demigod of Revenge, bounce Swans of Bryn Argoll in response to a Chains of Plasma (Ding!) and etc. I’m assured you can imagine the possibilities. It’s only really Storm decks (which are not so popular at the moment) that it’s a dead card. And lastly, which Feldman also mentioned in his article, the split card-iness gets the card around Chalice of the Void. Even if there is a chalice with 1 counter in play, you still have Unsummon-half left. Awesome.

In what deck would you play it?

If we limit us to existing decks in the meta game, I think there is 2 decks that could really benefit by playing this card. First we have Zoo. People are playing Seal of Fire or Tarfire instead right now. Sure, they both can go to the dome and they pumps Tarmogoyf. And it’s a bit annoying if your playing with Dark Confidant to occasionally take 4 by flipping it. Still, if you consider what you can do with the bounce-half, I think it’s worth it. It’s pretty cute to be able to defend yourself against Swans or All-in Red even if your locked under Blood Moon. The other deck I feel who should play this card is Affinity. Seems like a deck like Affinity could really benefit off this all propose card. I bet you can picture the options.

I hope this brainstorming opened your vision a bit. To next time…

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