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Thoughts on recent changes to the Magic world

January 17, 2009

 Today I’m going to comment on how I feel about some of the new changes in the Magic world for the oncoming season.

All x-2:s makes day 2 in GPs.

My first reaction to this was; wow! This is awesome. Personally, I this would applied for last years season I would went on to day 2 in GP Copenhagen. You can imagine how frustrating it is to go 5-0 in last 5 rounds and then getting shafted by breakers. But even if you do pretty well and loose your 2 last rounds there is a still pretty good shot that your not making day 2 unless you have 2 or 3 byes. I have always felt that it was a kind of a bad way to make the cut for day 2 and I really glad now that they fixed this so mere mortals can relatively easy go to day 2.

However, after I watched the latest episode of the Magic Show some disadvantages came to mind. Both Paul Cheon and Antoine Ruel mentioned that a typical European grand prix is 1000+ of people like all the time. And with that player count, day 2 is going to consist of 200+ people, and that takes out a bit of the fun for making day 2. Suddenly, making day 2 is not equal to making money or having a great shot for Top16 and etc. Which is not that good either. However for a smaller GP, jumping form a day 2 of 64 players to 70 or 80-ish players is not a big deal. So in that case there is basically no collateral damage at all. In general, I like to have as little “interference” of tiebreakers in tournaments as possible so in the end I think this change is going to benefit GPs in general.

The Pro Tours for 2009 will be half constructed and half limited (like Worlds).

If I would comment this change with one word that, I would like Antoine Ruel say “cool”. That doesn’t mean it’s not necessary great. With the numbers of Pro Tours per season has dropped to only 3 events a year (thank you Dreamblade), this is a tricky way to include more played formats in a year, which is good. It also makes sense with the new rating system (Total Rating) and vice verse. Combining the rating with both limited and constructed experience seems logical when the premiere events contain both limited and constructed. On the downside, these means more preparation for the players or that the formats are not as explored as well as they would be. It also will mean (eventually) that the insert format here-specialists are hurt and will cease to exist in way or another. Players such as Rich Hoaen for example, who is considerably better at limited than he is at constructed will be hurt by this change.

In the end, I don’t know actually what to think about this change. I think the jury is still out on this one and we will see and experience if this change is good or not in a couple of months.

3 Boosters replaces Tournament Packs for Sealed.

The back story one this topic is that wizards has concluded that the Tournament Packs are obsolete and are bad business for them. So, this means for Sealed that instead of the Tournament Packs we will have 3 Boosters. What does this mean? Crazier pools. The Tournament Packs insured that the number of each card kept relatively low. I only think I have opened a Sealed pool once that had 3 copied of a single card, ever. With Boosters instead, opening 3 (or even 4) copies of a single card will be much more likely, which can make thing a little more crazy as you can imagine. Truth be told, with a full block sealed it should be alright but picture yourself open a 6x Shard of Alara Booster Sealed pool. 3 Oblivion Ring, 2 Resounding Thunder etc. That could make things easy to get out of control if you know what I mean. Another issue with cutting the Tournament Packs is the distribution of lands to the TOs. The tourny packs was just not a simple way to keep Sealed balanced, but it also supplied all the players with lands. Watzi intends to solves this issue with sending batches of lands to the TO, but I can see problems with that. More things to send out, more likely is the chance that it will mess up, if you catch my drift.

From a player perspective, I don’t like this change. For the the early Sealed decks of season, the pools will get a bit crazier and more unbalanced and I’m quite assured that they will make some fuzz with the TOs. However, from a economical Wizards view it’s understandable. If they have to cut something to make Magic live and prosper more and longer, this is an affordable cut if you ask me. Or I could phrase myself in this way, is there anything you would much rather have cut? If you ask me, there aren’t.

Until next time, have a nice weekend.

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  1. February 2, 2009 01:53

    Byt språk så har du en vinnare=)

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