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Kyoto within reach

February 26, 2009

The time has come for the first Pro Tour of the season and personally I’m very excited. To be fair, I get pretty excited for every Pro Tour, but the formats for this one is probably as good as it gets. Standard is probably my favourite DCI sanctioned format and drafts is always draft, aka pure awesomeness.

Unfortunately I felled short trying to qualify for the events, however my playtest partner managed to. We played a lot of Standard to prepare for the event and we came to the conclusion that Boat Brew (or at least a deck with Windbrisk Heights) is probably the best deck, but Faeries will be really good in a field of “anti-Windbrisk Heights” decks. So, last word I heard from him was plan A for the Pro Tour was Boat Brew with 4x Path to Exile and Knight of the White Orchid along with 0 copies of Mind Stone and plan B was Faeries without Scions (a nod to Volcanic Fallout).

With that, I wish Mattias (the playtest partner) along with the rest of Swedish team good luck and you make sure to watch some coverage. This is going to be a fun one.

Until next time…

PS I realised that Kyoto (or Japan for that matter) is 9 hours + GMT, which means that for the people in Sweden (and central Europe) the quarterfinals will start a bit after midnight on Saturday. Yikees!

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