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Recouping Kyoto

March 1, 2009

Pro Tour Kyoto is now in the books and wow, what a top8! After a Craig Jones level top deck and many good games through out the top8, the grand finale turns out to be an affair between Luis Scott Vargas, probably the best player in the world right now and former PoY and multiple Pro Tour Top8er Gabriel Nassif. After some really good plays in the first 4 games, LSV mulligans to 5 in the deciding game and hits a real land pocket and felled down to 2 Cruel Ultimatum from the Frenchmen.

Except from the very exciting finale were two giants collided, the Pro Tour will be remembered for the dominance of Windbrisk Heights. 5 of the 8 decks in the Top8 played with 4 copies of Windbrisk Heights and if you look at the decklists that went 5-3 or better in Standard you will notice that somewhere between 1/2 to 1/3 of the decks there played with Windbrisk Heights. However there is yet to determine which version of the heights genre which is the best one. In the top8, we found 2 BW Tokens, 2 Boat Brew and 1 RW Kithkin but if you add in the decks from the 5-3 or better section, Boat Brew was the most popular deck. I guess we will find out more as the summer rolls along with the Standard GPs and Regionals and what nod.

Last weekend we also saw a revival of Quick n’ Toast, as Nassif took the title with the deck.  As expected, we also saw that Faeries is on withdrawal in the meta game along with Blightning Beatdown. More or less as I predicted in my post a couple of weeks before the Pro Tour.

The Swedish team didn’t have a good weekend. Best player from Sweden was Mattias Anderson (my buddy!) with a 37th place with Boat Brew. He was still in the runnings with 2 rounds to go, but went down in round 13. Still, coming home with 1500$ is still a fine outing for a “field trip” to Japan if you ask me.

And now with the Pro Tour settled, what’s next? For me, I have a couple of exams next week and after that I will put my mind into Extended as I have a couple of PTQs coming up late March and beginning of April. For the rest of the world, there will be a couple of Grand Prix starting next weekend with Extended as the format of play.

Until next time…


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