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Honolulu PTQs: Scrubing out in Gothenburg

April 13, 2009

Yesterday I played in my last PTQ for Honolulu this season in Gothenburg and sadly things didn’t go so well. I stuck with what I said in my last post, i.e. I played TEPS again. I changed around the list a little bit however since my last post. I got cold feet and took out the Gigadrowses from the main deck and Sleight of Hand went back into the deck again. The sideboard looked almost identical from my list from the Stockholm PTQ with the difference that the Hurkyl’s Recalls was replaced with Ingot Chewer.

Why Ingot Chewer was included in the 75 I registered on Sunday morning is this. Hurkyl’s Recall didn’t feel necessary anymore. Affinity has lost a lot of popularity latley and I feel you don’t need it unless they have like Ethersworn Canonist + Delay/Trickbind/Stifle, which has also fallen out of favour recently. So I wanted to have something against Chalice of the Void since both Tezzerator and even Tron has gotten a little extra love recently. But I couldn’t get my hands on any Shattering Sprees during the weekend so I ended up with the next best thing I could come up with, Ingot Chewer. A cheap way that gets around Chalice of the Void. The only bad thing about it is that you can’t dig for it with Peer Through Depth.

I’m not that motivated to give you guys an in-depth round peer round analysis since the I didn’t do so well, but here is a summary of the tournament:

Won Vs. Domain Zoo 2-1

Won Vs. Tezzerator 2-1

Lost Vs. Domain Zoo 1-2

Lost Vs. Naya Burn 1-2

The first match up wasn’t really close, the game I lost was because I fizzled. Next round I won a rough game against Tezzerator, in game 3 I Gigadrowsed him on my end step and he responded with Vendilion Clique that took my Mind’s Desire. I did however rip a Ponder in my draw phase that lead to another Mind’s Desire which in turn won my the game. Then in round 3 I lost against Domain Zoo, game 1 I went off on turn 4 with a Desire for 6 and fizzled (flipped Remand times 3, land and 2 rituals) and died a turn or 2 later. Then I won game 2 after I bounced his Rule of Law and then he completely crushed my in the deciding game. Turn 2 Gaddock Teeg, turn 3 Rule of Law, turn 4 and 5 Tidehollow Sculler. GG as we say. Then in round 4 I played against Erik Eklundh again (I played against him in the Top8 in Stockholm). Game 1 he had a Gaddock Teeg and I didn’t managed to find a Electrolyze despite playing a Peer Through Depth and 2 Sleight of Hand. In game 2 I went off on turn 4 despite a Pyrostatic Pillar in play and managed to stitch it together and win with me having only a single life left. In the deciding game he was on the play and had a Pyrostatic Pillar on turn 2 and I didn’t have an answer. I thought long about the keeping my opening hand in the last game, I had gas enough in hand to expect to go off on turn 4 with a Desire for 5 along with a Electrolyze. However he had a Pyrostatic Pillar as his hate for the final game and I died when I couldn’t come up with an answer for it. Anyways, I dropped after that round and went off looking for a way to get back home.

If you have a PTQ left to play, I can definitely recommend you to play TEPS (if you have time to practice with a bit). As long as Elves is not that popular, TEPS is a very good deck to play in the current meta. If you do choose to copy my list I highly recommend you to replace Ingot Chewer with Shattering Spree.

That was the last thing you heard from me on Extended for a while. I will have Standard in focus for the next couple of month with National Qualifiers and PTQ Austin season coming up soon.

Until next time…

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