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“Go ahead and get your Timberwatch Elf, I got you!”

May 30, 2009

It’s the year 2003 and we are at the Top8 of Pro Tour Yokohama. Johnny Magic himself, Jon Finkel, has made his first of a series of comebacks to the Sunday stage and he is pitted in the quarterfinals versus Ben Caumes of France. The format is Onslaught-Legions-Scourge booster draft and Ben Caumes has managed to assemble a deck with a set of Timberwatch Elf. For you who hasn’t played Onslaught limited or don’t recall, Timberwatch Elf is probably the common in that block when it comes to limited. A good compare is Kabuto Moth from Kamigawa, and we all know how crazy the Moth is.

Anyhow, on the other side Finkel has a deck with double Sparksmith, another insanely powerful common. With these two cards in mind, the following interesting situation occurred during the second game of the match…

Caumes is on the play and makes the first play of the game with a turn 2 Wirewood Herald and Finkel answers with a Sparksmith on turn 2. On the end of Caumes 4th turn, Finkel makes the suspicious play of killing Caumes Herald with Sparksmith, basically saying:

“Go ahead and get your Timberwatch Elf, I got you!”

From Caumes perspective, the only reason why Finkel would kill the Herald is that Finkel has another goblin or a removal spell for the Timberwatch Elf he is obviously fetching, so he figures that he can’t play his Timberwatch Elf until he can protect it or remove the Sparksmith from the board. The game goes on with Caumes holding the elf in his hand until he gets to a point where he has to call the bluff otherwise his dead. However it’s to late and Finkel can finish of the game before Caumes Timberwatch Elf can become relevant. And the fact is that Finkel never drew another goblin for his Sparksmith, it was a bluff all along. It is such a beautiful play and I can’t see myself having the gut of pulling something like that out in the Top8 of the Pro Tour. But I guess, the greater the scam, the higher is the chance of pulling it out. Finkel won the game and further on the match, but he then felled to Mattias Jorstedt of Sweden in the semifinals.

This was a peer into the history of Magic and I hope you liked it. You can reckon with a couple of more of these history glimpses during the summer. Until next time…

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  1. Calleponken permalink
    May 30, 2009 17:43

    Bra skrivet, du borde posta detta som Veckans Kort på SvenskaMagic. Om du har planer på att skriva om fler kort kan du ju posta här samtidigt som på SvM. Interna mig på SvM om du tycker det låter kul!

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