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Blast you, blast you, blast you…

June 2, 2009

Today I’m going to tell you a story about a magic player starring defeat in the eye but managed to find a way win, despite bad odds. Fine, the lay up isn’t unique but story involves a pretty unique card, the limited star Hanabi Blast.

We are at Pro Tour Nagoya and the match we are focusing on is the quarterfinals Terry Soh vs. Frank Karsten. The format of the Pro Tour is triple Champions of Kamigawa Rochester Draft and Frank Karsten has drafted a monster of a deck with bombs such as Keiga, the Tide Star and Myojin of Cleansing Fire while Terry Soh has a aggressive red-black deck with key cards such as Hanabi Blast and Theif of Hope. And Hanabi Blast would become the MVC for Soh…

During the first game of the match Soh gets a good aggressive start but Karsten catches up with his fatty deck and he manages to ice the game when he flips a Myojin of Cleasing Fire and resolves it on turn 8. With his opponent on 10 life and any attempt on getting in for more creature damage for the rest of the game seeming slim, Soh recognizes that his best bet on winning this game is to start pointing Hanabi Blast to the dome…5 times in a row. And what even more amazingly is that he pulls it off!

Even if that series of plays was extraordinaire, Hanabi Blast is one hell of a card. I remember Mike Flores saying in a webcast at one point; “Do you remember the time you had Hanabi Blast and lost? Neither do I.” And to continue the story, Soh used his Hanabi Blast so many times during that match, so after game 3 it was actually worn out and they had to find a new copy of Hanabi Blast for Soh!

Soh managed to win the match and advance to the semifinals after a really thrilling game 4, but that is another story. Until next time…

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