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Bluff, double bluff or tripple bluff?

June 10, 2009

…and today I will conclude the legendary match between Karsten and Soh that I started telling you about last week. So, after Soh manage to take the first game thanks to Hanabi Blast they splitted the following two games. The match would end in the fourth game when Soh pulled off an amazing mind trick. I have actually made a little clip from the webcast from this game, enjoy!

What happened here  is that Soh realised a turn or two before this situation that he couldn’t longer win the game with his own cards, he had to try to trick Karsten to make a misplay. So, if Karsten uses his Kabuto Moth on offense (i.e. tapping it), Soh has enough gas between his hand and his board to finish Karsten off on his turn. He managed to set up a bluff on multiple levels as you can see in the video to make this happen. First, he said that he thought he was on 9 life, when he was really at 8. Secondly, Karsten has to figure out what instants Soh could have for 2 mana (remember, this is Rochester Draft, both players has seen or at least have an opportunity to see all the cards in their opponents deck). Also, there is the fact that BDM mentions in the video, Karsten might have thought that Soh was just desperate bluffing and he might be walking into a double bluff.

And as we saw, Karsten decided to go for it and Soh had the Soulless Revival to trigger the Thief of Hope to stay alive. Just a fantastic play. And Soh said later in a interview that the only way he could win that game was Karsten messing up. And he managed to make that happen. Until next time…

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