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Peeking into M10

June 29, 2009

So with almost every card in M10 spoiled (226/249 when I’m writing this) I thought I might dvelve into the spoilers and share some of my thoughts about our new core set. To check out the updated spoiler list, I refer to

Easily the most hype I have seen around the web is about Lightning Bolt and Ball Lightning (mostly Lightning Bolt) coming back. I can’t say that I wasn’t surprised by this. I was more like, “Lightning Bolt, fur real?”. I was pretty sure that Incinerate would get the hammer when the announced that the core set would include new cards because R&D have been in the past complained about they thought Incinerate was a little too good but Volcanic Hammer a little too bad. So I thought we would have this card in M10 since they actualy make new cards for this core set:

Perfect Bolt 1R
Perfect Bolt deals 3 damage to target player or creature.

But no, Lightning Bolt it is. But after I got over the initial shock, I’m not that excited about having Lightning Bolt in Standard. I’m not saying Lightning Bolt is a bad card, but I don’t think that one mana is going to be that big of a deal in Standard. Right now I see people who where sneezing at Incinerate but is now turning their heads because “that” spell just got one mana cheaper. In Extended however I agree that the same one mana is a much bigger deal. Decks that didn’t play Incinerate in the past will probably play Lightning Bolt. Another big deal why R&D pushed the button on the Lightning Bolt reprint button is the fact that the creature has gotten a lot better over the past years. In the past you could easily play a creature for 3 or 4 mana that just traded with Lightning Bolt. Today, it’s a loosing position when you start to Lightning Bolt Kitchen Finks, Spectral Procession-tokens, Reveillark and so on. What I’m trying to say is that Lightning Bolt is an awesome card, it’s just not sick as alot of people think.

Moving on, I like that Planeswalkers is getting core set status and I also like the color-houser cards they have opted to go with. The best of the Coldsnap cycle (Deathmark and Flashfreeze), the best of the Conflux cycle (Celestial Purge and Ignite Disorder) along with the new super moose. That card is going to be a beating against Faeries for the little time they are in Standard togheter. Playing out that guy on turn 3 is going to win you the game 9 times out 10 as long you keep some momentum.

The new Cloudgoat Ranger seems pretty good too as 9 power (4 creatures) from one card is nothing to laugh about. But it does cost 6 mana which is actually a big deal for some decks. For example, I’m pretty sure that Kithkins decks would rather game with Cloudgoat Ranger. It’s cheaper, it can fly to get in some final damage and the tokens are kithkins, which is rather important when that deck already plays with Wizened Cenn. Also, the new crusade on ‘roids seems awesome too.

The new dual-lands that comes with m10 are fine. They are not bad or anything, they are just not that exciting. They will for sure see a lot of play and so on, but you know… It’s not like you get a booner for looking at them.

It seems like Wrath of God is also shoveled out and is replaced with Planar Cleansing. Many people I have talked with is really upset by this fact and they claim that control will not be viable in Standard for now. I think that is a big overstatement. There will always be a control deck, it just won’t have Wrath of God in it. People need to look in to different patterns and find other ways to battle the aggressive decks. And further on, I’m pretty sure we will see something similar to Wrath of God in Zendikar, mark my words. You remember Birds of Paradise, right?

Further on, there are some funky reprints that have caught my eye. Time Warp?  Haunting Echoes!? Earthquake!? Darksteel Colossus !1!? Most of them will not see constructed play or at least not much constructed play but they are pretty cool cards to have around. Haunting Echoes looks like the dream to resolve against a Lark deck and it seems pretty sexy to me to play a Time Warp from a Windbrisk Heights. We will see I guess.

And before I try to sum this up, I like to say a couple of word on the limited aspect of M10. Since R&D actually wants us to play limited with the set (multiple Grand Prix etc.) it’s worth spending some time studying the format. I haven’t played with it yet or anything, but judging from the spoilers it seems like the format is pretty bomb heavy. With Fireball in the uncommon slot and all along with some sick, sick rares I imagine m10 limited is going to be pretty wild. I will get back at this topic as I’m probably going to attend to GP Brighton later this summer. But first there is the National Championchips which I’m currently testing for. For more about post M10 Standard, check in later.

So, M10 seems to be a cool set to me and I’m quite excited about it and what it will do to Standard. I’m sure that I missed a couple of gems in the spoilers so that should tell you the deepness of the set. Having any thoughts or comments about M10? Make sure to drop a note! Until next time…

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