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My 2009 Hall of Fame Ballot

July 29, 2009

For those who doesn’t know what the Magic Hall of Fame is, I recommend you to read this page. Basically, each year 5 persons that have played on the Pro Tour for 10 years and have collected at least 100 Pro Tour points are selected from a vote. The players that do get inducted to the Hall of Fame will have the same status has a player with level 4 status (I think) for the rest of their lives, which means that they can play on the Pro Tour any time they want.

I’m not allowed to do a real vote, but if I was allowed these persons would get my vote to be inducted this year. Based on accomplishments, personal image and various contributions to the game, there are 2 persons that really stands out from the rest to me.

Frank Karsten:

Frank aces all my criteria of what I want a Hall of Famer to be. He has multiple PT Top8s, GP Top8s, Worlds Top8s. He is an amazing deck designer and a amazing writer. A couple of years ago when he had his “Online Tech” column on the mothership it was the article I wanted to read every week. And finally he has a personal image that just screams Hall of Fame material. I mean, he is the fanatic. A side from his incredible accomplishments in premier play he has done a lot from the sidelines as well.

Brian Kibler:

Like Frank, Brian does as well max out my criteria of what I want a Hall of Famer to be. Multiple Top8s across many formats. In his first Top8, he defeated none other than John Finkel himself by putting Armadillo Cloak on Rith the Awakner(!). Kibler has also done a fair amount of writing and he was the color commentary on the webcast before Mike Flores/BDM. After 2005 he took a hiatus, but came crashing back with a Top8 at the second Pro Tour Honolulu. The Dragonmaster is to be a must on the Hall of Fame.

With these two stalwarts away, it gets much thougher to pick out people. In fact, so though that I can’t make up my mind. Arita, Ishida, Fujita, Okamoto and Ikeda are amazing players but they don’t have much personal image or they haven’t done other contribution to the game. Kuroda was the first Japanese to win a Pro Tour (and he did it in style), but his resume is short aside from that. There is a bunch of good American players that I don’t feel got the full package of being on the Hall of Fame. De Rosa, Cunningham, Reeves, Chapin, Gary, Jensen, Williams etc is in that category. Then we have some Europeans that are also very good players but lacks in other areas, Ruel, Cornelisson, Thorén, Walamies, Summersberger, Blume… It’s really a dead race to me once you have picked Kibler and Karsten. So instead of making some shady picks I just leave it as that.

So, that is how I see the 2009 Hall of Fame. Which players do you think belongs on the Hall of Fame this year? Let me know! Until next time…

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