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PTQ Austin @ Stockholm *11th*

August 1, 2009

Today I played in a PTQ (most likely my last for this season) for Austin in Stockholm. I stuck with what I said earlier this week and played Jund. I didn’t really like my own list that I had of Jund (certainly not for a PTQ field either) but I saw Brian Robinson’s Jund deck from US Nationals and that list really caught my attention. I played around with the deck during the week and felt that the main deck was awesome except for a single Fire-lit Thicket. I don’t really now why it’s in the deck. You can’t cast either Sygg, Sign in Blood or Putrid Leech. I just wanted to kick myself every time I drew it. So, the Fire-lit Thicket became a basic Swamp. Here is the list I registered:

Sygg is NOT the river guide!

// Lands
    1  Forest
    3 Graven Cairns
    1 Mountain
    4 Reflecting Pool
    4 Savage Lands
    2 Swamp
    4 Twilight Mire
    3 Vivid Grove
    3 Vivid Marsh

// Creatures
    4 Bloodbraid Elf
    4 Boggart Ram-Gang
    4 Kitchen Finks
    4 Putrid Leech
    2 Sygg, River Cutthroat

// Spells
    4 Volcanic Fallout
    4  Bituminous Blast
    4 Lightning Bolt
    2 Maelstrom Pulse
    3 Sign in Blood

// Sideboard
SB: 1 Maelstrom Pulse
SB: 3 Anathemancer
SB: 3 Blightning
SB: 4 Great Sable Stag
SB: 2 Infest
SB: 2 Snakeform

I was not sure about the sideboard however and I’m still not sure after 6 rounds of play. I definitely liked the cards in the sideboard but I was not sure about the numbers. I ended up playing the exact same sideboard as Robinson as a lack of better knowing. A short summary about the tournament:

Win Vs. Faeries 2-0

Lost Vs. (Pseudo) 5cc 0-2

Win Vs. 5cc 2-0

Lost Vs. UW Lark 1-2

Win Vs. Faeries 2-1

Win Vs. almost 75 card mirror 2-1

I won pretty easily against the fae round 1, then my deck completely malfunctioned  in round 2. I drew 12 lands, 5 spells game 1 and then I drew very few actual threats in game 2. In the next round the deck fired on all cylinders however and swept 5cc. Then I lost against lark in a very tight game 3, which I’m almost certain that I punked. I don’t think I did a perticular induvidal mistake in that game, but instead a error on a fundamental level. I forgot “Who’s the beatdown” and played far more defensive than I should have. I kept playing around Reveillark when I instead should just tried to get him to 0 as fast as possible. Then after that I got another win against the Fae and finished off my part of the tournament with a win in the mirror. I was pretty sure that I couldn’t make it after watching the standings after round 5, but there was a slim chance and I really liked my deck so I played on.

Anyhow, If you got a PTQ left and is looking for a deck to play, I can really recommend this deck. It got good cards, is proactive and have none really bad matchup (the worst matchup I think is Kithkin, which is not big of a deck right now). What about Conley Woods Jund deck you might ask. Well, I got a couple of games in with that version to. That version is better against Elves and Kithkin and is slightly better in the mirror but is worse against control. And I reasoned, if I want a deck that is good against aggro, why don’t I just play 5cc instead? Since I really didn’t want to play 5cc, Sygg Jund it was.

A word of caution thou’, remember the new layer rules and what it does to Snakeform! If you Snakeform a pumped Putrid Leech, it will be a 3/3 after Snakeform resolves. I almost walked into that one today :).

Happy PTQ:ing and I will smell you later!

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