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M10 Limited

August 19, 2009

We are kind of in a off-season right now with not much going in Magic. Sure, some folks might have a PTQ left since there are officially 2 weeks left of the PTQ season.  But I don’t have any PTQs left to prepare for and I’m just not got the heart to play any type 2 at the moment. I don’t say this often, but the current type 2 format is not that entertaining anymore. All the fun/good decks has serious troubles with Great Sable Stag and Anathemancer. Kithkins, which is still love as a deck, can’t win a tournament anymore and [insert more whine here] so on. What I have done instead these last two weeks is digging into M10 limited.


M10 sealed is quite bad. There I said it. But seriously, sealed is always sealed and M10 sealed is not different.  M10 is very bomb based, so there are just some card pools that doesn’t have it to compete at the top tables. I had a sealed pool online just a couple of days ago which best rare/uncommon was a Bird of Paradise. I managed to squeeze out round 1 and then decided to drop as I would just waste my time trying to win with that piece of garbage. I don’t have much to say about M10 sealed, you are kind of forced to play what you get. There is one thing I want to point out however. When I play sealed tournaments the most common “archetype” I see is green-black, which I don’t get why. To often I see players look at their pool and say “I have some green stable men and some black removal, I go with that”. That is just plain wrong thinking. When you have your pool, you should think “How do I build a deck from this pool that has the highest chance of winning”. And you often don’t do that with some green men and a Doom Blade or two. Look for your bombs, creature with evasion, card advantage etc. That is how you will win. I don’t say you shall never play green-black, sometimes you open Ant Queen and Royal Assassin etc. Just don’t play green-black for the wrong reasons.


Drafting with M10 is actually pretty good if you ask me. I didn’t like 10th drafts, so I was a bit skeptical at first but this limited format is actually good. This is how I rank the colors in M10:

#1: Blue (surprise, surprise)

#2-3: Black and White

#4: Green

#5: Red

Blue is not that surprising the top color in M10. Why? It’s just got everything you need to win games with. Blue got good evasion creatures, card advantage, good trix(even removal these days) and bombs. The only problem with Blue is that everyone wants it, so you might end up a bit short on playables if your in the wrong seat. But that is a fact that’s true with every draft format.

Anyhow, continue on the list. A week ago I would say Black was number 2 and White number 3 for sure, but the more I play with M10, the more I wonder if that’s true. Black has card advantage, nice trixs, a bit of evasion. It looks really good on paper. But the problem I have with black is that many of their good cards is blanks against other black decks. Take Doom Blade or Dread Warlock for example. They are normally fantastic, but once you play against another black deck they are blanks. White has really good creatures, bombs, trix and evasion capabilities. The only thing you will miss in white is some sort of cards advantage.

Further down the scale we have green. Green (as always) got some quality ground guys and a trick or 2. They also got 2 forms of mana fixing, which is relevant if your going to splash something. Green has some holes thou’, like they don’t have any guys with evasion and no real source of card advantage . Except for bombs, green has problems of actually winning the game. And at last we have red. Red is awful in M10. Except for some tricks or bombs, I wouldn’t touch red with a 10 feet stick. It’s that bad.

The plan I have when I sit down for a draft is to try to cut blue or black. All deck I have had in M10 drafts that have done remotely well have either black or blue in it. The decks other color can be anything really, I pick up what I can… as long they aren’t red cards. *shiver*

That was M10 limited from my point of view, I hope it was educational. Until next time…

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