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Getting Mike Long-ed

September 15, 2009

In an effort of trying to fill some empty space on the blog in this month of little action, I’m going to tell you about an incident that happened almost a year ago in the LCQ for Pro Tour Berlin.

I was 3-0-1 (playing Kithkin with red off, course) and in the 5th round I was facing a french guy with Faeries. We were tied after the first 2 games and the 3rd game looked good for me. I was at 3 life and my opponent was at 7. I had 2 2/2s  in play along with a Ajani Vengeant with 2 counters. He was tapped out with a tapped Mistbind Clique and an untapped Scion. I attacked with both my guys, forcing him to chump with the Scion (so I can’t kill him with Ajani Vengeant). After he chumped, I used Ajanis first ability to keep his Mistbind tapped and then I passed the turn. Here is where it got interesting.

At the end of my turn, my opponent took roughly a minute to think. He then untapped his lands, drew his card very fast and dropped a land before he once again went into the tank. After another minute, he Cryptic Commanded his Mistbind Clique and drew a card, making his removed Sower of Temptation come back and taking one of my dudes. Then he played another land and then shipped the turn with 4 mana up…or at least so I thought. I stopped him when he passed the turn and asked if that wasn’t his second land this turn. He was “100%” sure he had only played 1 land this turn and an eyewitnesses (which I was pretty sure of that it was a friend of my opponent) pointed also of that he only played 1 land.

What would you do in this situation? Call the judge even thou’ you don’t have any hard proof? Let it slip?

I figured since I didn’t have any actual notes of the number of lands he had prior of this turn etc. I let it slip. I’m still today 99% sure that he played 2 lands that turn because of during that turn he played very “fishy” with series of fast plays and then suddenly drops for tanking. Whatever he played 2 lands or not on that turn, he was able to turn that game around from there since on my turn I had no relevant plays from my hand and neither bolting him or the Sower of Temptation with Ajani wouldn’t accomplish anything.

Even thou’ I lost that game for what I still think was cheating, I’m actually pretty impressed with by how he managed to pull the cheats off. Don’t get me wrong, I hate cheating and it’s absolutely nothing I think Magic should be connected with. But outside of that, I’m a huge fan of “real” magic and card trix so that side of me is in awe by my opponents little “trix”…

Until next time…

PS I’m dieing for some Zendikar! I will go over some of the sets highs and lows in a week or two when the spoiler starts to reach 200 cards. DS

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