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Hat off for Randy Buehler

November 21, 2009

Randy Buehler, Pro Tour Chicago 2009 Champion

With Worlds 2009 coming to an end, one of the Pro Tours frontier figures bides his farewell.

After winning his first Pro Tour (Chicago 1998) and becoming Rookie of the Year that year, he has been a fixture on the coverage crew since 1999. He has been in the booth on every single Pro Tour since then (only missed out on Kuala Lumpur 2008) and delivered enthuastic commentary. Up until 2007 he also had a high position in Wizards R&D developing Magic for the better. At Worlds 2007 he was inducted in Magic Hall of Fame for his accomplishments and effort within the game.

Since his withdrawal from his position in R&D, the lack of knowledge for the cards and formats has dragged down the quality of commentary a bit, which might also be a factor in why he is stepping down from his spot in the webcast booth. It is announced that he will be replaced by coverage reporter Rich Hagon for the 2010 season.

Finally, hat off to you Randy Buehler for the years of coverage reporting.

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