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Worlds 2009 went down in style!

November 23, 2009

There you have it, Worlds 2009 is in the books with André Coimbra and Team China as the champions of this weekend!

André Coimbra, World Champion 2009

After a “haymakers duel” in the finals, Coimbra took it down in three with his Naya Lightsaber deck (Mike Flores is one happy man) versus David Reitbauer of Austria (playing Jund). Coimbra took himself to the finals after he smashed Marijn Lybaert in the quarters (also playing Jund) and then won a very tight match against longtime Pro Bram Snepvangers in the semis (playing Boros Bushwacker).

With them in the Top8 was also, Manuel Bucher, local hero William Cavaglieri, Florian Pils and the Rakdos Augermage himself, Terry Soh. For those who missed out on the coverage, check out the video archive from last weekend.

The Top8 included both decks you would have expected and some refreshing components. 3 Junds and 1 Boros Bushwacker was not surprising. However the other half of the Top8 was, 2 Naya, 1 GW Angels (?) and 1 White Weenie.

This weekend also displayed a couple different takes on how to take down the Jund menace that has been the biggest factor in Standard so far. The first idea is simple. The Jund decks have very powerful spells to cast, what happens if I stop them from playing them? Spreading Seas (and even Convincing Mirage (!)) saw play during the weekend in different decks along with Goblin Ruinblaster to wreck peoples manabases. I think it’s hilarious, having an Island in play is the equalient of being stone rained 🙂 .

The other plan we have seen is playing stuff that Jund can’t deal with (at least easily). We saw Coimbra riding Great Sable Stag to victory in a game of the finals. Also we have Baneslayer Angel (which is you know… annoying if you don’t have a way to remove it immediately), Emeria Angel, White Knight, Knight of the Relinquary etc. Many of these cards was feature in the deck Manuel Bucher played, along side with some standard anti-Jund staples of Path to Exile and Celestial Purge. I’m really excited that Manuel B was also gaming with Brave the Elements, which is a pet card of mine.

So where is Standard going to go after this event? Kudos to André Comibra (and the flowerman) for getting there but I think Manuel B’s deck (or at least that archetype) is the deck to adopt for Standard. There is just so much gas in that deck that are also really good in the metagame right now. I suggest you give that deck a whirl for FNM or what nod.

Further on with the tournament, Yuuya Watanabe managed to hold on to his 13 point lead coming into Worlds and is the Player of the Year for 2009. He didn’t do too well himself, but at the same time neither of his closest competitors did. Tomaharu Saito all most made Top8 to threaten the Watanabes title, but lost his 2 last rounds and missed out on Top8. Lino Burgold from Germany managed to clinch Rookie of the Year thanks to his points from the team competition managed to edge him 1 point before Yamamoto.

And finally we have the major “upset” this weekend, the team competition. Before the tournament there was a lot of talk about Brazil, Japan, Germany and USA as your predicted Top4. But that was not how it turned out. Charles Gindy got DQ on the first day, meaning that the entire US team was eliminated from the team tournament. Brazil and Japan took an early lead of the tournament, but the wheels fell completely off for the japanese team and Germany and Brazil struggled on the last dayand they ended up 5th, 6th and 7th.

Team China

On sunday, it was China who claimed the title after some impressive play against the Austrian team in the finals. Will China be a new force to reckon with on the Magic scene for next year? We will see.

That was World 2009, I hope you enjoyed it (I certainly did) and I will see you soon.

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