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Running low in Gothenburg

November 30, 2009

Hello everybody, I’m just back from a weekend in Gothenburg where I played in a PTQ for San Diego. As you can imagine from the title I didn’t do too well, going 1-2-drop.

I don’t have terribly much to say about the event. The pool I opened was bombastic, all the good black and red cards along with a Malakir Bloodwitch and a Ob Nixillis. Off course that was not the pool I was going to play with and instead I was passed a very lack luster pool. My rares where Emeria, the Sky Ruin, Archemage Ascension, Nissa Revane (with no Nissa’s Chosen in the pool), Halo Hunter, Scute Mob and a Conqueror’s Pledge. 3 of them was basically unplayable and then my black as a color was (again) also unplayable. I think I counted to 6 playable black cards (including Halo Hunter, Blood Seeker and a lowly Bog Tatters) so black was out.

Then the theme of my pool was “cards that doesn’t interact”. I had double Vines of Vastwood and a Primal Bellow, but only 4-5 playable dudes in green. So green was cut, then red pretty much for the same issue. Red had some late game punch and a Burst Lightning, but didn’t have a good drop on 2 or 3 mana at all. So that left me with blue-white. White had the Pledge, some nice dudes, a Journey to Nowhere and a trick or 2 and blue gave me some late game punch. This was the forty I submitted:

1x Steppe Lynx
2x Tempest owl
1x Hedron Scrabbler
1x Kor Skyfisher
1x Kor Hookmaster
2x Kor Sanctifiers
1x Umara Raptor
1x Reckless Scholar
1x Merfolk Seastalkers
1x Living Tsunami
1x Windrider Eel
1x Pillarfield Ox
1x Sky Ruin Drake
1x Conqueror’s Pledge
1x Trusty Machete
1x Journey to Nowhere
1x Nimbus Wings
1x Into the Roil
1x Pitfall Trap
1x Bold Defense
1x Whiplash Trap
1x Teetering Peaks
8x Plains
8x Island

Except for some awkwardness in the 2-drop spot and a Nimbus Wings, I thought the deck was reasonable and I might have a shoot for a run to the Top8. The only real decision I had for my deck (once I had settled for white and blue) was the mana base. I jumped between 9 Plains-8 Island / 9 Plains-7 Island-Teetering Peaks /8 Plains-8 Island-Teetering Peaks. I quickly eliminated 9 Plains-7 Island-Teetering Peaks plan since my deck was too blue heavy in my opinion. Then I opted to make up for some of weakness in my pool by being a bid greedy and playing the Teetering Peaks. It would give me a little more punch and it comboed very well with Kor Skyfisher and Living Tsunami.

 I started the tournament well in round 1, I smashed my opponent when I had a nice curve and a Conqueror’s Pledge to seal the deal in both games. Then it went downhill. In the next round I played Marcus Olsson (check the post from BSK). I game 1 I mulled to 5, then drew a hand of 3 Plains, 2 Island. Would you keep that at 5 or would you go to 4?

 I liked that hand more than a random 4 card hand, so I kept and then ended up drawing 7 more lands in that game and lost. I kept a sketchy 7 carders in the next game, flooded and lost brutally. Then next round pretty much the same happened except I stalled on lands instead. I thought both rounds was winnable if my deck decided to cooperated a little more but it was not meant to be. That’s the flaw of running a more aggressive approach in limited, an aggressive deck is not so forgiving when your curve gets funny.

When I got home I took a long look at the pool again to see if I failed with deck building on site. Except for switching out a Nimbus Wings for a Shieldmate’s Blessing I would run the same 40 again. The pool wasn’t better than that :/

Before I call it a day I want to congratulate Tobias Ström for winning the PTQ. Congratz!

Despite tanking the PTQ, the weekend in Gothenburg was a blast. I met a lot of friends and nice people. Got to play some good magic, so the trip was far from pointless. I will be going at it again in two weeks in the PTQ in Stockholm, for those who are planning to attend to that, I will see you there!

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