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News about future rotations

January 7, 2010

In yesterdays arcana over at the mothership some pretty interesting news about whats going to happen in Magic later this summer and fall. The interesting part starts below the information about M11:

Standard now rotates only once each year, with the release of the October large set. So Magic 2011 will enter Standard on its release without knocking anything out, then Magic 2010 and Shards of Alara block will leave Standard with the release of “Lights.” The Standard format between Magic 2011 and “Lights” will consist of Shards of Alara block, Zendikar block, Magic 2010, and Magic 2011. After the release of “Lights,” it will consist of Zendikar Block, Magic 2011, and “Lights.”

This isn’t completely fresh news but I still want to point out that there it’s quite different to change a set for another compared adding sets to a format. For example, can you imagine how last years Nationals season would have been if we had both 10th and M10 to play with? BW Tokens would still have been a deck etc etc. For this year, it means that you probably won’t have to do as much work about what to play during the Nationals season this years compared to last year, since the format will not change as much. Anyhow, the really interesting part from the arcana is the last piece:

Extended rotates at the same time, but there’s no core set that will rotate out this year. (Eighth Edition went with Onslaught; Ninth Edition will go with Kamigawa block on the release of “Shake.”)

The general belief was that 9th would be thrown out the window this fall. Turns out, it’s not! That means that we will have another year with Seething Song, Blood Moon, Kird Ape, Mana Leak, Tron and more! Good times!

As a conclusion I also want to say that I like that they have changed it around so it’s only one rotation a year, which just simplify things. Pure win there. Smart move Watzi, cheers!

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