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It’s a DEMON!

January 20, 2010

Just recently Mark Rosewater leaked a new card from Worldwake via twitter

Abyssal Persecutor

If you are having trouble with reading the card from the image, here is the card in text: 

Abyssal Persecutor 2BB
Creature – Demon – Mythic
Flying, Trample
You can’t win the game and your opponent’s can’t lose the game.

Wow, didn’t see that one coming! For 4 mana, you get a 6/6 flier with trample. Since it’s black it got to have a juicy drawback, which is basically Platinum Angel except in reverse for Abyssal Persecutor. Off course that is a hefty drawback sooner or later in the game (kinda annoying to not actually being able to win the game, you know) but he certainly has the power to completely romp and stomp the midgame. But what I like about him is while, yes you must have some ways in your deck to actually get rid of him, he flies so even if you can’t do that right away it’s actually quite hard to lose with him in play aswell. He is even big enough to win a fight with Baneslayer Angel!…er, 

It’s a DEMON, dumbass! 

Once again Wizards is playing us this cruel joke. First with Halo Hunter and now with Abyssal Persecutor…In all seriousness though, this bad boy reminds me of Yokora, the Prisoner which saw a decent amount of play back in the day. You must configure your deck a bit to get him to work, so to say but 6/6 flier for 4 (in black!) is pretty amazing stats. Can’t imagine it being to hard to play some Fleshbag Marauders (for example) in your deck, since that card is pretty good versus all the Jar Jar Sphinxes and Wall of Denials floating around these days anyways. Like Mike Flores would say, I expect this guy to be a role player. Mostly for Standard though, but still. On a non-competative side, I love the design on this card. It’s so fitting. You really feel why this card is a mythic with that absurd drawback, don’t you? 

Worldwake is coming closer and closer and I’m starting to get pumped up for the prerelease. Can’t wait.

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