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Worldwake Prerelease

February 1, 2010

Worldwake prereleases were being held all over the world this past weekend and everybody got their fair share of Worldwake action. Myself attended to the prerelease in Stockholm to sling some new cardboard.   

My feelings after this weekend are a bit mixed, but I can’t really blame the set for that. The pool I received at the prerelease tournament mustered these 40 cards:   

1x Gruul Draz Vampire
1x Walking Atlas
1x Bojuka Brigand
1x Ruthless Cullblade
1x Blood Seeker
1x Corrupted Zendikon
1x Giant Scorpion
1x Bloodhusk Ritualist
1x Vampire Nighthawk
1x Umara Raptor
2x Shoreline Salvager
1x Hagra Crocodile
1x Surrakar Banisher
1x Goliath Sphinx
1x Quest for the Gravelord
1x Soul Stair Expedition
1x Kitesail
1x Tomb Hex
1x Spell Contortion
1x Permafrost Trap
1x Vapor Snare
1x Marsh Flats
2x Halimar Depths
9x Swamp
6x Island   

Not super exciting, but far from bad in any means. Still I managed to only win 1 game with the deck at the tournament, which is a bit embarrassing. Besides one mulligan decision, I can’t really point at something that I should have done differently. Guess that it was just my day. After losing 2 rounds I just was out of my mindset and wisely decided to drop and hit the side events instead.   

Anyhow, my actual performance at the prerelease isn’t that important. What is, is that Worldwake is here and so far it’s awesome! I can’t really give some bigger prediction when it comes to constructed just of yet but for limited, Worldwake is a blast. There is tons of stuff that will make limited more interesting. One of the things about what Worldwake does to this limited format is that it’s boosting green, white and blue, which was a bit weaker than red and most certainly black in Zendikar. More detailed experience of Worldwake limited is for another blog post, but I just want to put this out there:   

Searing Blaze is completely insane. You don’t have to be a master to instantaneously understand  

Searing Blaze

that this card is good but playing with it and against it yesterday was just filthy regardless. This card would be better than good in any limited format but it’s particular insane in Zendikar-Worldwake limited because of the nature of the format. With games being so tight and aggro-oriented all the time the tempo-swing created by this card is immense. Watch out for this one in your drafts! It’s going to hit you. Hard.   

Everybody who wanted got their piece of Worldwake this weekend and the set seems awesome for the limited part of the game. Exactly how Worldwake will affect Standard etc. will be determine in the upcoming weeks. There are a couple of cards that sure looks promising. Until next time… 


In the round I was eliminated at the prerelease, my hand in game 1 was very interesting. My opening hand looked like this (and I was on the play):    

Island, Island, Halimar Depths, Quest for the Gravelord, Ruthless Cullblade, Giant Scorpion, Hagra Crocodile    

Do you keep or ship it, and why? What I did and whatever I thought that was right or wrong now in hindsight will be revealed later this week.

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  1. Cyclone permalink
    February 1, 2010 12:50

    Hell no, looking at the deck you were playing. Your opening hand had all black playable cards (nicely ranging from 1-4 cmc), yet no swamps. It all depended on the halimar depths, which statistically would have given you a 67.54% chance to get atleast 1 swamp/marsh flats within the next 3 cards, but still, there is the 33% chance that you’re a sitting duck for 3+ turns. Also, what else could you have played if no swamp showed up? Umara raptor/Spell Contortion/alternatively costed Permafrost Trap? Not worth keeping. Did you mulligan?

    • balthazar88 permalink*
      February 1, 2010 14:05

      I will reveal what I did in a couple of days.

  2. Christoffer permalink
    February 2, 2010 22:19

    If you wait with playing Halimar depths until turn 2 you have almost 80% chance of getting a swamp or marchflats and if you wait until turn 3 you have 86% chance. That’s disregarding the possibility of drawing another Halimar depths which increases the chances even further.
    The probability of getting a swamp on a mulligan is approximately 85%, so it’s definitely a keep.

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