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Cut Jund some slack

March 7, 2010

As everybody who has played Standard since the release of Zendikar knows that Jund has pretty much been the number one deck in Standard ever since that. Off course not everybody likes that Jund is as good that it is. Worldwake have stirred things around for sure but Jund is still a very good deck, proved by the fact that in Pro Tour San Diego 2 Jund decks faced off in the finals and the same thing happen a week later at the Starcitygames 5k in Richmond.

Personally, I have been pretty neutral about it. I don’t think Jund is that much better than the rest of the field (particular with Worldwake in the mix) and there is certainly not no need for any bannings or something of that kind. Therefore I can’t but agree with Bill Stark when he wrote about this topic in his article on The Starkington Post earlier in the week. Particular this sentence I feel is spot on with what I think:

Cascade was a mistake, but when a black-green-red deck is your format’s “best deck” and all it wants to do is WIN IN THE RED ZONE, you’re living in a beautiful rainbow, sunshiney Standard planet and you should thank your lucky stars.

Enough said really. When your complaining about basically a green based creature deck that is winning by attacking a couple of times in the red zone being the contested best deck in Standard, you should find some bigger worries to concern about if you ask me. Bernhard out.

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  1. March 7, 2010 10:52

    Can’t agree more, especially since the Jund deck that won the last PT contained 0 Blasts. LSV’s Naya deck contained an equal amount of cascade-cards (4 Bloodbraid Elfs).

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