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GothCon 2010 Summary

April 10, 2010

So, it’s time for the last report from the magic journey I have been on for the past 2 weeks. More precisely, a report from GothCon 2010.

For those who doesn’t know what GothCon is it’s the largest (I think?) non-computer gaming convention in Sweden and it’s takes place every year during the easter weekend (typical late March or early April) in Gothenburg. Along with role-playing, board games etc. the convention hosts a lot of Magic tournaments, including Nationals qualifiers and a PTQ. So that’s why I was there (in addition to going to Gothenburg, which is a lovely city, and meeting a lot of friends).

I didn’t do too well at GothCon this year which has left me without too much motivation in giving extended in-game reports but I will give you the good bits.

I got there Thursday afternoon, didn’t play any events on that day. The day at the convention center involved mostly playtesting Standard with fellow stockholmer Mattias Anderson, eating some good food as well as bumping into a lot of good guys.

The following morning it was time for the Nationals qualifier, which meant it was time for Standard. Since I kind of put the White Weenie deck on the shelf after my experience in Brussels and spent the few days I had at home in finding another deck to play. I didn’t mind playing Day of Judgement at the qualifiers (which is in general is a good bet for a tournament like this) but I didn’t want to sink down to the UW control hole. I wanted more proactivness. I got everything I wanted when I saw GerryT’s article about his Open the Vaults deck and I was hooked. Here is the list for reference:

// Lands
    4 Plains
    6 Island
    2 Swamp
    4 Marsh Flats
    4 Terramorphic Expanse

// Creatures
    4 Glassdust Hulk
    4 Architects of Will
    3 Filigree Angel
    4 Sphinx of Lost Truths

// Spells
    4 Open the Vaults
    4 Day of Judgment
    1 Sanguine Bond
    2 Everflowing Chalice
    1 Mistvein Borderpost
    3 Fieldmist Borderpost
    2 Journey to Nowhere
    2 Oblivion Ring
    2 Courier’s Capsule
    4 Spreading Seas

// Sideboard
SB: 1 Sanguine Bond
SB: 4 Wall of Denial
SB: 4 Tidehollow Sculler
SB: 2 Duress
SB: 4 Flashfreeze

What’s really cool with this list is the fact that it runs zero targets for Goblin Ruinblaster and Tectonic Edge which is huge for a deck that resolves around resolving a 6 mana sorcery. I picked it up, read the article twice, got in 10-ish matches with it and I felt content in playing with it.

The qualifier started out well, I beat a UW control deck round 1 where I got him both times with Sanquine Bond. Then things got rough from there. I was paired against Koros for round 2, which is a very tight match up. Game 1 he got me before I could do what I need to do in the matchup, more precisely putting a Filigree Angel into play. Game 2 I stopped a big Bushwhacker turn with a Flashfreeze and found an Open the Vaults for the win. Then game 3 was a heartbreaker. I kept 3 lands, Day of Judgement, Fieldmist Borderpost, Sphinx of Lost Truth and an Open the Vaults on the draw, which I knew could be a little slow with me being on the draw and all that. I kept and hoped I wouldn’t be blown out, which I did get. He attacked for 3 on turn 3 and then 17 the next turn. GG as we say.

Then I played against White Weenie, pretty much the same list as I ran in Brussels. This match up is very favourably, but my deck thought stalling on 3 lands for 2 games in a row was a good idea and I never got to play some real Magic. 1-2 drop.

Truth be told that the list above does have some consistency issue. Missing those land drops was just random but in general the deck really need to draw Sphinx of Lost Truth to go crazy. Without it the draw can be very flat and weak. I wish there was something like a Compulsive Reasearch or a Bonded Fetch in the format. Something like that would bring this to a way higher level. If I will continue in play with this list in the near future is yet to be decided.

Anyways, for the rest of the day along with the next day (Saturday) I played in a Sealed tournament (1-2 drop with a sketchy pool) and rocked out a couple of drafts.

On the final day it was time for the PTQ. Since I did well with Scapeshift last weekend and didn’t have any new input for the list I ran the same 75 as in Brussels. See my last post for the decklist.

The tournament started out well, I beat a guy with blue-white Tron in round 1 and then a DDT player in round 2. Then I was up 1-0 against Blue Zoo (Zoo with Bant Charms, Negates and Meddling Mages) and then lost two nerve-wracking games. Game 2 I was on the wrong end of a top decked Negate from his side and then Game 3 I setup a turn where I would win he didn’t draw a land on his turn (because I could then safely Remand his Negate, meaning using Remand as a hard counter). He did however so and I couldn’t play around it before he got me.

Then it was time for Hypergenesis in round 4. Game 1 was kind of funny, he forced through his combo but could “only ” put a Progenitus and a Sakisma, the Imposter into play. That left me with a lot of room to do what ever I want. A Cryptic Command and a Scapeshift later I was up 1-0.

Then I started to play a bit shady. For game 2 I mulled to six and kept Scapeshift, Sakura-Tribe Elder, Wood Elves and 3 lands. It was kind of sketchy keep since it couldn’t stop him in any way but I figured that he wouldn’t try to go off with me having a bunch of mana untapped so I had at least 3-4 draws of my deck to find something that did. And the hand was kind of neat the way that if he do go off, unless he has a Terastodon I can probably untap and kill him. After 4 draws of the top of my deck I haven’t found anything useful so he goes off at my end of turn step and has enough gas to kill me.

Game 3 I kept 2 Negates, Wood Elves and 4 lands on the play. It started out well, I made land drop after land drop while he struggled with his lands. On my turn six I figured that I could play my Woold Elves since that would leave my with 4 mana untapped on his turn. So I went for the Wood Elves and got trashed. How? In response to my Wood Elves he went of with a Violent Outburst. I Negated it but he had a Simian Spirit Guide into Ricochet Trap. Oh Snap. He put down Terastodon and a Progenitus and that was it. I screwed up there, totally forgot that SSG into the trap was a possibility there, so I deserve it.

I dropped after that but everything wasn’t bad as I could watch my dear friend Samuel Korsell taking DDT to the finals where our mutual friend Mattias Anderson scooped to him. Congratz Samuel! Rock it out in San Juan!

Well that was pretty much my GothCon 2010 and I’m finally home again for real this time. There will be some Nationals Qualifiers as well as Rise of the Eldrazi prereleases coming up shortly but I need to grasp school again as well trying to find a temporary job for the summer, so we will see how much there will up here on the blog for the next month or so. Until next time have a good one!


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