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Revisiting Rise of the Eldrazi limited

May 17, 2010

Today I’m going back to a subject I started to delve in a couple of weeks ago, Rise of the Eldrazi limited to be exact. Last time I talked about the format it was before the Prerelease, which meant that pretty much everything in that blog post was predictions. So now with a couple of sealed and roughly a dozen drafts to date I want to reflect on what I said earlier and dig a little deeper.

Most of the fundamental stuff I brought up is still true, even thought I hammered a bit too much on “bears”. Normally, I love to attack for 2 in limited so “bears” have always had a special place in my game. But for how the format looked at first sight, “bears” in general just looked so insignificant. Fortunley this earlier assumption was a bit exaggerated, the format is faster than what I expected it to be. I have done my fair share of attacking with Glory Seeker in my white aggressive decks. It’s not the kind of card that will win you the game but it’s a nice way to fill out your 40 card deck if that’s your game plan.

If we start off with the colors in general, I really like blue with white and black following closely. Green is decent, but I find that the green decks can be tricky to actually execute in practice. My least favourite is red, which is kinda weird. Red has some of the best common of the set (Emrakul’s Hatcher, Staggershock and Flameslash) but after that things drops in powerlevel so dramatically. Kiln Fiend is quite amazing if you can craft your deck around it and the same goes for Vent Sentinel. For the rest…blergh.

Blue is a little shallow as a color but it’s understandable because Blue’s mechanics are so strong in this format. Regress, underwhelming as it might be in an abstract, is very powerful versus fatty Eldrazis and totem-auraed creatures. Blue also have Narcolepsy, which easily makes the top5 list of removal spells in this format. To round-up, we have a lot of fliers, level up guys and card advantage cards. Me like!

I have not much to say about Sealed deck play except that I still stand with what I said before my prerelease event, I like to draw first in this format. Even if your deck is quite aggressive, the games tends to end with arms raise anyways. Either it’s because someone leveled up their awesome level-up guy (like Brimstone Mage, Hada Spy Patrol or something like that) or someone gets annihilated (litary) do death. What I’m saying is that the odds of actually being rushed to death in Sealed is pretty slim. What you really want is to hit your landdrops. There I want to draw.

When it comes to draft I found two archetypes that I like the most so far. My absolute favourite is blue-based (surprise, surprise) level up. Blue has tons of level up guys, good tricks along with the unsung hero Venerated Teacher. Since you basically have the level-up costs as a part of your curve, this guy just gets you so far ahead with your boardposition. The blue is either accompanied with white or black. Both colors complements blues part very well. While both blue-white and blue-black becomes fairly aggressive decks, the blue-black version is a little slower but on the other hand it gets better removal options to balance it out.

The other archetype that I like is the green based fatty deck. This archetype is a little tricky to work as you want, but if you can it’s pretty impressive. Since green has 3 mana accelerators/fixers at the common slot (Ondu Giant, Overgrown Battlement and Growth Spasm) along with Nest Invader and Kozilek’s Preadator getting to the expensive impressive spells aren’t too hard. The tricky part here is off course is to balance fatties with accelerators. Another annoying part is to actually open the bomb-bombs. It’s hard to actually sit down at the table and say “I want to draft big green”. Therefore, my plan has been to this point to initially go for the level-up archetype but if the inital packs have some clear indicators for the big green being available (most likely a big Eldrazi or something along those lines), go for it.

While green is always the backbone of the deck, it depends also quite much on getting into red or black for the necessary removal. As I said, it’s not always that easy to get this deck together properly.

I haven’t got play much with the Kiln Fiend.dec archetype which I have seen being quite succesful for some, but that is a school that seems like something I would enjoy to.

Well, that is pretty much what I think off Rise of the Eldrazi limited. I enjoy this format but I can’t really place it my top list for limited (that list is for another blog entry). It’s a little weird with the level-up shenanigans. I need some more time with the format, which is bound to happen now when Rise of the Eldrazi is released on MTGO :).

Until next time…

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  1. Arrodwidsnimi permalink
    May 29, 2010 18:29

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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