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Mythics, hit or myth?

May 29, 2010

Since the release of Shards of Alara Wizards has introduced a new rarity of cards in Magic which is knowns as the Mythic rares. The reason was more or less that it was a way Wizard could earn a little more money by adding more flavour to the game aswell as increasing the “WOW”-factor while people are cracking packs.

While Mythic rares was introduces Wizard pretty much said that tournament staple rares would not become Mythic rares (cards in the line of Mutavault or Thoughtseize), instead cards like the Planeswalkers or stuff like Godsire would make exellent Mythic rares. Essentially cards that has a lot of Timmy/Johnny over them that makes your eyes pop, but are in the end not “meant” to be constructed staples.

At first I thought this was kind of cool, at least as long they could keep the “promise” I just mentioned. And it started out very well. During the first year of Mythics rares there was not too many Mythics running around in Standard. Cards like Cruel Ultimatum or Broodmate Dragon was left as normal rares and the Mythic rare that saw the most play, Ajani Vengeant was offset by the fact that Wizards had that card as the promo at the Shards of Alara prerelease.

So, until the release Zendikar I thought Mythic rares was pretty much a pure hit. They were cool splashy cards that you loved to open in limited but you didn’t need to acquire 4-offs to play them in Standard and what nod. But then things started to spiral out when Lorwyn left Standard.

Walletslayer Angel

The immediate thing that happen that several cards that wasn’t really tier 1 stuff in constructed (mainly Standard) suddenly became tier 1. Most important that includes cards like the Planeswalkers and Baneslayer Angel. When the craziness of Lorywn disappeared these kind of cards got a lot more powerful (at least relatively) which off course upped the demand on these cards. Suddenly you needed 4 Baneslayer Angels and later on a bunch of Elspeth, Knight-Errant and after that Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Gideon Jura.

And besides that Wizard released a couple of cards during this season that their “Mythic-ness” was very much disputed. I’m talking about cards like Lotus Cobra or Vengevine. I guess it’s a personal call but these cards doesn’t feel like Mythic rares to me and I’m certainly not the only one who thinks so. Yet they are and since people want them as 4-offs in a lot of decks right now the price of these off course spikes through the roof.

 It has gotten a point where there is a tier 1 deck in Standard (which ironically is called Mythic) that has so much of these Mythic rares and other stuff that it could cost you almost 1000$ to build that deck from scratch. 1000$! For a Standard deck! That is just ridiculous to me. What also bugs me is that it’s not some convoluted combo or control deck that has all these expensive card. It’s green based attack deck. Look at a generic Mythic deck list. It’s basically 26 lands, 4-6 spells and 28-30 creatures. Has attacking with green men ever been so expensive?

Normally I’m not that kind of guy that complains too much on cards costing this or that much, but now we are reaching a point in Standard where even I starts to raise my eyebrows. What makes me really sad is that it hinders players to pick-up and follow Standard and that is just wrong. So right now I’m pretty down on Mythic rares in general and I hope Wizards takes some sort of actions to control the chain of events in this issue. For example, if they were to reprint Baneslayer Angel in M11 later this summer, for crying out loud make it a rare!

That was my two cents on Mythics. Until next time…

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