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New Extended (or should I say double Standard?)

June 30, 2010

Hi guys, you haven’t heard much from me for a while. My new job has taken a little more time and energy from me than I expected, so my writing have been lacking. But don’t fear, the National report is on the way! In the mean while, I thought I would give my two cents about the news about how Wizards changed Extended.

For those who has been living under a rock for the last week and a half, this is what they did.

I have mixed feelings about this change, but as more time pass I like it more and more. The problem old Extended had was that it was only played for a brief time of the year with obscure cards. This meant it was hard for newer players to jump into this PTQ format. Just Standard is pretty hefty when it comes to prices on cards, getting Tarmogoyfs or other staples from Magic’s history isn’t directly cheap. The change will make it both easier and cheaper to get into Extended.

Another thing the change does it will ease down the cost for Standard too. At least the total investment cost. You see, since the new Extended will look more like the Standard format than it did in the past, cards that you obtain for Standard will now “last” longer so to say. Sure, getting 4x Baneslayer Angel not that cheap when you get to play them for 12-24 months but now Baneslayer Angel almost guaranteed will be a tier 1 card in Extended to, which means the investment will “last” for 4 years give or take, instead of a maximum 2. So that is a nice gesture from Wizards part.

Off course, I’m a little sour that I don’t get to play with some of the awesome cards that will be leaving tomorrow. Sakura-Tribe Elder, Remand, Dark Confidant, Thoper Foundry+Sword of the Meek, Gifts Ungiven…the list goes on. You guys will be missed. Hopefully the rumored format “Overextended” might be reality in the future…

But on the other hand the new format looks kinda sweet to. Off course, initially when I hear about something format evolving like my mind starts venting ideas. I’m not going to elaborate all of that right now. I might need them after all 🙂 . But I can say this; the format will change very drastically between Pro Tour Amsterdam and the format we will see at Worlds (and then the PTQ season for what we know). The reason why is one format has the Punishing Fire+Grove of the Burnwillows combo and the other don’t.

I reckon that just that 2 card combination will be the format defier, at least coming into PT Amsterdam. The new Extended format will look more like the Standard format than how it looked in the past (since the format nickname double Standard) . Remember how Standard looked like the past 3 years? Now take that thought and stir the Punishing Fire-combo in there. Doesn’t sound too pretty, right? A lot of brainpower for deck designers will go into how to fight that combo or develope strategies that try to ignore it as much as possible. That will be fun to see.

Well, that’s what I got on my mind when new Extended pops up. The Nationals report is on they way, I promise! Until next time…

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