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Wear Away is a green spell…

July 21, 2010

Not too much going on right now Magic wise for me so I thought I would bring you a little treat from the Pro Tour archives. It’s from the quarterfinals of Pro Tour Philadelphia 2005, where rookie Ryan Cimera does a dreadful mistake that ends up costing him the game and the match to Kenji Tsumura. Let’s watch.

Ouch… Kinda feel for the guy. He is on the Sunday stage, the lights are shining and all that and he is about to win against Pro Tour superstar Kenji Tsumura. What’s happening is that Kenji played a Wear Away targeting his own Heartbeat of Spring while splicing Horobi’s Whisper on Cimera’s Hokori, Dust Drinker. Cimera response to that with a Blessed Breath on his Hokori to save it. The problem was he called “protection from black” which is off course a legal play, but Wear Away is a green spell… The Whisper was just spliced, not really cast.

It’s an easy slip to make. I’m just hoping I can avoid being caught with my pants down like that on my Pro Tour debut, heh.

Until next time…

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