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Few words about HOF 2010

August 11, 2010

It’s time to vote for the Magic Hall of Fame again and I thought I would give you my list for the people I think should by elected this year (note, I’m not allowed to vote officially). For those who have missed the actual ballot, it can be found here. Without further ado, here is the list:

Gabriel Nassif

Not so surprising, the guy who many says is the third best player (behind Jon and Kai) in history. This guys resumé is pretty unreal aswell is he a renown deck designer, bringing some hits such as Tooth and Nail for Pro Tour Kobe 2005, MartyrTron for Worlds 2006, 5cc Control deck he took control over Pro Tour Kyoto 2009 and many more.

Tomoharu Saito

For me another rock solid choice. I was a little surprised that Saito was already eligible for the Hall of Fame this year since his first real standout performance was as late as in 2005 where he Top4ed with team One Spin at Pro Tour Atlanta 2005. I mean, you heard about guys like Oiso and Tsumura long before Saito became a fixture. (What is really scary is that Oiso isn’t eligible until 2013 and Tsumura (I think) 2014!) However since 2005 Saito has been a constant fixture on the pro scene. He’s got multiple Pro Tour Top8s (including a win in Charleston 2006) and Grand Prix Top8s (with a very recent win in Columbus just a couple of weeks ago). He is also a renown deckbuilder and innovator, setting the standard when it comes to attacking with Wild Nacatls or if that doesn’t work doing unfair things casting Decree of Justice for near infinite or putting Terastodons into play with Hypergenesis. He also got that iconic “slaping-himself-in-the-face-” going on that has turned heads over the years. In addition is his otherwise dedication to Magic. He is a store owner aswell as of late an ocational writer for Channelfireball.

Some people have the problem with Saito getting into the Hall of Fame because he has some dispute with the DCI early on in his career (bribery and what nod), but I think that is small potatoes. Oliver Ruel had far worse stuff in his luggage but he got in aswell, so I don’t see these debacles holding back Saito.

Brian Kibler

Personally I think Kibler should have gotten in last year but ah well. Always a big fixture on the pro scene aswell as a major contributor to the Magic community at large (as a writer and commentator back in the day), the thing that as been holding him back a bit is his play resumé. Has it gotten any better since last year? Indeed it has, Kibler has bolstered his resumé with a Pro Tour win in Austin last year aswell a Grand Prix win in Sendai earlier this year. I think it’s Kibler’s time this year.

Nassif, Saito and Kibler are the guys that really stands out to me on this year ballot. After those guys things is a lot tighter between the players and it’s really hard to pick out two more, but I’m doing a shot here:

Anton Jonsson

 I’m a little biased that Anton is a fellow swede but you can definitely make a case for Anton. 4 Pro Tour Top8s including a (virtual) back-to-back-to-back limited Top8 in 2004/2005 (Amsterdam, San Diego and Nagoya, not counting the team Pro Tour in Seattle). He was considered if not the primer limited player in the worlds around those years certainly easy on a top 5 list of players. He doesn’t have a champions trophy which is a little sad, being as close as second in Nagoya where he was taken down by Shuu Komura in the finals in a tight match. Nevertheless a great player who I’m crossing my fingers for this year.

Bram Snepvangers/Tsuyoshi Ikeda

I feel like at least one of Snepvangers or Ikeda needs to get in this year. Both guys has played forever, are major contributors to the community and as of late starting to have resumé worth talking about. Snepvangers have collected 313(!) Pro Tour points and Ikeda 299(!) over the years which is an insane amount. On that note the fact that these guys aren’t in the Hall of Fame sounds weird and wrong to me.

There you have it, my list for the people I think should be voted in to the Hall of Fame this years. Until next time…

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  1. August 11, 2010 19:11

    No love for Wafo-tapa?

    Chapin has nothing to do in the HOF though. You’re right about that.

    • balthazar88 permalink*
      August 11, 2010 22:28

      Wafo-Tapa is a great player and I will not be surprised if he gets into the Hall of Fame eventually. As of now I personally think his play resumé is a little pale compare to several other members of the 2010 ballot. Also he has been some what “quiet” when it comes to writting and other contributions to the game which is not helping his cause either.

  2. thomas permalink
    August 23, 2010 14:10

    kibler lol.

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