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A quick GP Gothenburg summary

August 31, 2010

Hi guys, I’m back from a magical weekend in Gothenburg. I’m planning on writing a more lengthy report about last weekends adventure but reality is knocking on the door. School is starting again (sigh) and a lot of other stuff that needs to be taking care of is and will consume most of my time during the near future. So I will just be doing a quick summary of the weekend for now.

I got to Gothenburg on Thursday. I hanged with friends on that day and the following. Drafted a little and met up with people I knew and met some new faces. Then on the actual GP, I opened a reasonable pool. The bombs of the pool was fairly spread out (Ancient Hellkite, Vengeful Archon, Stormtide Leviathan and a Conundrum Sphinx) but in the end I got a blue-black build that I liked. The deck looked good, although maybe a little slow. Not bombastic-this-is-the-best-pool-ever but I felt like I could go 4-2 with it (I had 3 byes for the GP).

I started out well, rattling of 3 wins including a close nail-biter game versus Tamaharu Saitou in the round of 6. Then my deck kinda choked for the next two rounds aswell as the competition on the other side of the board was “decent” to say the least, Sam Black and Anton Jonsson. Then in the final round, a bubble match with day 2 on the line I was faced against a very aggressive blue-white deck. I went to 6 cards on the draw in the first game and he just delivered the beats. And then in the second, that would be my last in the GP, I played the worst game of Magic I have done in a very long time. I did a poor judgement call that turned out to be directly game changing and then a couple of turns later I screwed up because I forgot that a creature brought back to play with Rise from the Grave is indeed black. More of this game and the whole tournament in the full report…

Then the following the day I took my chances in the 200+ player sealed PTQ, opened a very loose pool and went not totally unexpected 2-2 with it. The pool was quite interesting in retrospect, I didn’t know if I built it the correct way while playing in the PTQ and I’m still not sure today if the build I ended up with was the best the pool could produce. I might do an analyze of the card pool later on if I have the time.

I took a couple of ‘snaps of the venue during the second day, but before I let you see them I just want to do a shout out to Kenny Öberg for his win. Well played! I hate myself a little that I couldn’t stay and watch (I had to leave around 3 pm in order to make it back to Stockholm on Sunday) the Top8 and particularly in the finals between him and Anton Jonsson. Mad props for them and all swedes that did well at the Grand Prix!

Okay, that was pretty much the summary. Enjoy the pictures and I will be in touch. Laters!

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EDIT: I realised a couple of hours after this entry got pupblished that this entry was my 100th on The Exploration. Yey!
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