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History written in Amsterdam

September 7, 2010

What a weekend! And I’m saying that having watch it all from the sidelines! For those who missed it, you can catch up here.

The star-studded Top8 of Pro Tour Amsterdam 2010

First off all, what a Top8! Last time around the Top8 in Amsterdam was pretty ridonk. While it was a very good Top8 at the time, it can’t described with nothing but epic looking back today. 4 Hall of Famers, 1 destined to be (you will get there Anton!), a Pro Tour Champion in form of Farid Meraghni and he remaining two has both over a 100 PT points to this day. Quite astonishing.

Fast forwarding to the past weekend, this Top8 was no slouch either. 2 player that are already Hall of Famers (including the Kai Budde) along with a fine selection of the cream of the crop from the gravy train. Many of them are destined to be Hall of Famer in the future. It’s possible that this Top8 might outclass the first one if we look back in 6 year or so.

Talking about the Hall of Fame, the class of 2010 was announced during the webcast of the Top8. Not too surprisingly Nassif, Saito and Kibler was voted in. It was the 3 players I thought that would get in this year. Interesting fact thought is that Bram Snepvangers was only 1 (yes, really) vote short of getting in. So close yet so far…

Finally the weekend started the Scars of Mirrodin preview season, if you will. I’m not going to talk about those and Scars of Mirrodin here and now thought, that is for another blog post. The cards that got spoiled looked cool and Scars of Mirrodin looks like good times. Can’t wait.

Before I leave you today I just want to say congratulations to Pro Tour Amsterdam 2010 champion Paul Reitzl for taking it down without losing a single game (in the Top8) with his White Weenie deck in this star-studded Top8. Impressive! Also I want to make a shout out to Kenny Oberg for finishing 9th (missing Top8 on tiebreakers) and Ludvig Londos for both grinding in via the LCQ and then starting off with going 8-0 in the main event. Kudos!


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