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Why I turned down SCG’s “The 2010 Talent Search”

October 17, 2010

As I mentioned in a blog post earlier this month I contemplated entering Star City Games talent search they are running (deadline for submitting your entry is 11:59 ET for those who wonders) but I decided against it during the past week.  And this is me telling why I made that decision.

I also said in that same post that one of the things I have in mind aiming for next year is to scale up my writing a bit. I have been running this blog for almost two years now and I have done quite a lot of writing during that time. Earlier this month I my 100th blog post, which is kind of a cornerstone that I didn’t realize at first.

I also got a little taste of being highlighted last march (if you remember) when I had an article featured by Bill Stark at his place, That was sweet and it left me hungry for more.

Therefore it was to my delighted surprise that Ted Knutson announced the Star City Games talent search two weeks ago. While it was a little earlier than I planned to make a real crack at it, this opportunity seemed a little too good to pass up. The challenge seems like fun, the prizes are awesome and the whole mentorship-thingy where the accepted participants gets feedback from experienced writers also sounds really good. At this point I was really into it and started pondering about what I might submit for the challenge.

But then Teddy Cardgame explained this week what he meant about the article being “fun”. After I read his statement about the aspect all articles must have my wheels kinda fell off. From what I’m interpreting the last announcement as, Star City Games are looking for new writers for humorous articles (which they are apparently lacking at the moment). And when I realized that I asked myself, is that the kind of writer I want to be? While I like to be entertaining and throw in a bad pun or two here and there the humor is not the core of my writing and nor do I want it to be.

So therefore I decided not enter the talent search (which for the record looks a like a blast for those who choose to enter). My shot at “big time” writing is to be somewhere in the future. See you next time.

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