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Issues with Scars of Mirrodin limited

November 19, 2010

The more that I have played with Scars of Mirrodin in limited, the more I grown to dislike the environment. I don’t think the format is without its moments but when it come down to the draft portion in particular the format has several… holes, if you ask me. In the most recent episode of “Magic TV” from the crew of, LSV nailed down pretty much how I feel about Scars limited. Take a look if you haven’t:

As LSV says, Infect is really weird in the way it affects drafts. It’s like there is a subset within the set your drafting and you have to choose what set (or school if you prefer that expression) you want to be drafting, because the “infect-cards” and the “non-infect-cards” interacts so poorly. Even in such a mechanic steered set like Lorwyn (great example in the episode) this obscure phenomena we see today didn’t exist. Even if Kithkin for example were your main tribe, you still played those Mulldrifters, Pestermites, Aether Snipes, Briarhorn etc.

Going back to Scars of Mirrodin, the only colored creatures without infect that you really want to be playing in a infect deck is bombs, i.e. “card that can win games by themselves”. And that is a little sad since in the end this hurts people who in general are good drafters. The more “pick list”-based you can draft a set, the less is the reward for people who reads signals, have good knowledge about the format at large and so on, so forth.

But’s that not everything. The other part is how “random” each and every game, matches and drafts play out. I have 3-0 some drafts with some really crappy decks on the one hand and in others I couldn’t win the quarters in spite of me having that RW Metalcraft deck with Hoardsmelter Dragon and Sunblast Angel that you dream of. While it’s true for every draft format that the card quality is different from draft to draft and there is always going to be bombs and stuff with swingy effects on the game but what I have witness so far playing Scars of Mirrodin limited is obscure. Maybe I haven’t been drafting enough, but I have talked to a lot of people about this and most of them has the same feeling, so…

Just my two cents…

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