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PTQ Paris in Stockholm

November 22, 2010

Just a short update from last weekends PTQ that I played in. It was a 65 player event which meant the 7 round-barrier was just cracked. My pool wasn’t as good as the one I opened up in Borås two weeks ago which you can figure from the deck list below.

8x Island
7x Mountain
1x Forest
1x Spikeshot Elder
1x Leaden Myr
1x Copper Myr
1x Silver Myr
1x Wall of Tanglecord
1x Embersmith
1x Vulshok Replica
1x Neurok Replica
1x Sylvok Replica
1x Rust Tick
1x Argent Sphinx
1x Lumengrid Drake
1x Chrome Steed
2x Clone Shell
1x Sky-Eel School
1x Flameborn Hellion
1x Horizon Spellbomb
3x Shatter
1x Mimic Vat
1x Trigon of Corruption
1x Volition Reins

I don’t want to punch in the whole pool (I’m lazy, okay) but there wasn’t much from beside the deck I registered and the pool to see. My pool was fairly voided from two key components from what makes a good sealed deck, solid removal and cards that win games on its own. Mimic Vat and Volition Reins can that kind of cards, but requires a bit of work or special situations to get you there.

The solid removal part was also a big issue. I don’t call Shatter solid removal, at least in this set. When I say solid removal, I mean outs to something like a Hoardsmelter Dragon or Carnifex Demon. By that account I was tempted to play UW and just splash red for the Shatters. My white was very shallow, but there was an Arrest and that almost made white one of my colors anyways.

So, I wasn’t too happy about my chances when I handed in my deck list. I mean, the deck is “fine” but “fine” doesn’t usually get the job done. In retrospect I regret playing that Wall of Tanglecord over a Culling Dais in the main. Being rushed out of the game isn’t directly one of my fears when I play this sealed format and drawing cards in this format is really scarce and really good when you get the opportunity.

The day started out with a loss, losing to a solid WU deck that assembled the trifecta of Precursor Golem, Venser, the Sojourner and Razor Hippogriff in two games. But I bounced back from that, won the next two rounds without much huzzle and then in round 4 I played against fellow Nationals team member Anders Melin.

We had a really tight match were I was a draw step off in both games to win, so I felt a little unfortunate but after the match I got to look at more of his deck and it’s looked really solid, so him winning the match didn’t feel completely unfair 🙂 . Hoardsmelter Dragon, Platinum Emperion, a solid curve and decent amount of removal… you know the drill.

At 2-2 I decided to play on since with just 65 people with 7 rounds, some on 5-2 are bound to get in. I won the next match in two games, both ended with me getting to imprint his Myr Battlesphere on my Mimic Vat. Yes, that was nice. The following round I won quickly in two games since my opponent kept somewhat speculative hands in both games which didn’t pan out.

At 4-2 and with the standings on display I noticed my tiebreakers wasn’t directly the best which in turn meant my chances at clinching Top8 were null. I decided to play the next round regardless, hey it’s Magic after all.

Because of some draws earlier in the tournament I found myself paired up against Robert Hellgren, another stalwart who also will be joining me to Japan. He was at 13 points and was a lock for Top8 with a draw or win. As I mentioned, win, draw or lose wouldn’t affect my tournament in any way so conceding to him wasn’t a difficult decision.

So, no luck in the PTQs. I have Worlds left, so Top50 there and/or if I can clinch 7 pro points there means that I will get to play in Paris, so that’s the goal. I will probably go to Paris regardless, since that whole week seems too good to pass up on with the connecting Pro Tour and Grand Prix. Laters!

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