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Adventure ON!

December 4, 2010

So, the day has finally come. When you reading this I’m (hopefully if the wind and weather approves) on my way to Japan, ready to duke it out at Worlds. I will try to come up with some updates in some form from Japan, but no promises. I will see what I can do.

What do I think I will be playing? Nothing is set in stones at this point but I’m quite sure I will be casting 7 mana creatures in Extended (can you figure that one out?). Standard I’m much more loose about what I will be playing. Valakut is in me eyes probably “the best deck” in the format, the performance the deck has shown online and at the 5k in the States is a testament of it’s power. But I don’t think it’s like the case with Jund last year, where Jund was just significantly better than the other options. So other options are viable, so if I find something that I feel comfortable with I’d like to avoid playing the elephant in the room (I think Valakut will be the most played deck in Standard… and even if it’s not people will be prepared to facing it a lot) if I can. Spoiler alert, I might be spreading some seas at Worlds…

Regarding how the team portion will play out,  it seems like I will be grabbing the stick for Team Sweden’s Extended portion this year, our champ Anders Melin (of GP Florence Top8 fame, kudos for that!) will be wielding Force of Will + 56 other cards in Legacy and Love Janse will duke it out in the myriad that is Standard.

Other than that all I can say is that I’m excited like hell.

Wish me (and the team, and the other good guys for that matter) luck!

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