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Here we rule!

December 17, 2010

An interesting report from Worlds was published today on the mothership. Paul Jordan has crunched some numbers and made an analysis on how decks in Standard and Extended and what I found really interesting on how each nations (counting all players and not just the national teams) fared at Worlds. Check out the results:

So if you discount Panama who only had a single contestant (kudos to him though), Sweden was the best performing nation at Worlds this year. That’s what I’m talking about!

Didn’t really think we did that well, but I guess it’s true. Discounting our blip in form of our nation champion Ander Melin who ended up somewhere in the deep 200eds, the worst placing swede ended up in 133rd place. With roughly 350 contestants at Worlds in total, that is a fairly impressing fact considering there was a “whooping” 9 swedes duking it out last weekend.

Also, Sweden was the 5th most representatived country at Worlds this year with our 9 contestants. At least for me being a swede that is pretty impressive to hear considering how relatively small country Sweden is when it comes to population. Coming into Pro Tour Paris next year, Sweden has to this date already 16 qualified players for that event. That is a huge number and it might very well become even bigger until February. Let see what kind of carnage we can do there…

Go Sweden!

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