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Worlds day 2 – Scars of Mirrodin Draft

December 23, 2010

So moving on to day 2, it’s time to draft. I have written quite extensively about what I think of the format earlier here on the blog but to summarize my philosophy on 3x Scars of Mirrodin draft is this:

I like just drafting plain good cards and I don’t concern myself all that much about crafting the ultimate Infect- or Metalcraft-curve. It’s the strategy that has worked out the best for me in my practice drafts so that’s how I roll.

I don’t got much else to say, so let’s just dig into the action.

Draft 1:

113 oever, roy [NLD] 12 47.22%
114 Li, Cheuk Yin [HKG] 12 46.29%
115 Vidugiris, Gaudenis [USA] 12 44.44%
116 Yukuhiro, Ken [JPN] 12 44.44%
117 Tam, Wing Lok [HKG] 12 41.66%
118 Baez™, Jean [PRY] 12 38.88%
119 Zander™, Bernhard [SWE] 10 59.25%
120 Zaghi™, Rafael [BRA] 10 54.62%

While my experience with the format overall had been so-so up till Worlds, I felt fairly confident sitting down for this draft. My last few drafts has gone well and I felt that I had plan. Also this pod didn’t have too many scary names in it either. Small disclaimer, I don’t have any notes what so ever (I don’t even have the draft decks left) so everything I say about the drafts and the decks is completely drawn from my memory. So some details might sound a little sloppy or incomplete, but I will do my best.

This draft started out shaky with the ever so awkward Ezuri’s Brigade staring back at me when I cracked up my first pack. While it’s certainly a powerful card, the concept of green and Metalcraft is usually something that is best to avoid. The pack a part from the brigade was fairly lackluster thought, with Perilous Myr as the second best card in the pack.

A couple of weeks before Worlds I was in a FNM draft where I had a similar much the same decision in p1p1, Ezuri’s Brigade versus Tumble Magnet. That time I took the magnet and I wished for the better part of the draft that I just had taken the more powerful card.

So with that in mind I took Ezuri’s Brigade and just rolled with it. A Myrsmith joined my pile after the second pick and I had my theme from there. I was pleased to say the least when I opened up a second brigade in pack 2 and then True Conviction in the last pack. Infect was fairly open during the whole draft which lead that a couple of Infect guys ended up in my pile of playables. The final deck ended up looking like this:

8x Forest
7x Plains
1x Mountain
1x Iron Myr
2x Gold Myr
1x Myrsmith
1x Glint Hawk Idol
1x Perilous Myr
1x Ichorclaw Myr
1x Cystbearer
1x Sylvok Replica
1x Snapsail Glider
2x Ezuri’s Brigade
1x Corpse Cur
1x Tel-Jilad Fallen
1x Acid Web Spider
2x Molder Beast
1x Horizon Spellbomb
1x Galvanic Blast
1x Contagion Clasp
1x Heavy Arbalest
1x Grafted Exoskeleton
1x True Conviction
1x Untamed Might

It has quite the few powerful cards and “I win”-effects, but the manabase is a bit greedy and the removal base is not exactly what you want to have. Having no Arrest(s) ticked me the most, as my deck didn’t have a single way to get rid of card in the line of Hoardsmelter Dragon or Carnifex Demon. That fact also lead me to be a little greedy with my mana and hope just to flood my opponents with so many powerful cards as I can.

Round 7: Zaghi™, Rafael [BRA]

While you can say my deck is shaky but certainly has power, the same couldn’t be said about my opponents deck. At least from what I saw in the 2 games we played, it just looked plain weak. He was UG Metalcraft and didn’t do too much in the games we played. He played a couple of small creatures, a Bonds of Quicksilver on one of my threats before packing it in, game 1 due to Grafted Exoskeleton on Molder Beast and game 2 due to Untamed Might on a Infect guy for the win.

2-0, 4-2-1

Round 8: Vidugiris, Gaudenis [USA]

A very strange match, Gaudenis had a blue-white Metalcraft deck and proceeded to stomp me in game 1 with 2x Livewire Lash on a Glint Hawk while I couldn’t deal with the flier nor race him.

Game 2 was then about as lopsided in the other direction. I proceeded to play a Ezuri’s Brigade on turn 3 (on the play) of a Myr, than another one on turn 4 and then had Metalcraft active on turn 5.

Then there was the final game which ended up as a real epic affair. I had a nice curve and took the momentum from him when I plucked down True Conviction on turn 6 and started to brawl. For the longest time he stayed in the game, chumping and using tricks to bide time, probably looking for a draw as time was running out. I had him down to around 5 life and 8 poison when he ripped Volition Reins and took over my True Conviction and started to crack back.

Suddenly I was in the loosing position! Now it was I who tried to stall and hope to push the game to a draw (I had already used my Sylvok Replica, so I couldn’t get back my True Conviction) wish I succeed with. In a game were I at one point was at 42 and had my opponent at 5 life and 8 poison, ended with my opponent at 93 life, 8 poison and myself at 5. Nothing short of crazy.

1-1, 4-2-2

Round 9: Li, Cheuk Yin [HKG]

My opponent won the roll and chooses to draw first, which to me indicated that he was either playing with Metalcraft or had serious control deck, which is the most common times you want to draw in drafts in this format.

My opener in game 1 was nice ration of land and spells and I had a nice curve, but this was one of those game were land after land came of the top. I flooded out badly, but I got to see that my opponent had a Furnace Celebration-package before I got stomped by a Dross Hopper and goblin tokens from Kuldotha Rebirth…

Game 2 was very similar to the first game, except that instead of one of those many lands I drew, one of them was a Ezuri’s Brigade (metalcrafted) that he couldn’t answer and died.

The final game still stings, as it’s the only game of the weekend that I felt I actually just threw away. No judgement call that didn’t work out or anything, I just threw it away. Let me explain the tention. I kept a somewhat speculative hand, it had a Gold Myr, a couple of lands, a Acid Web Spider and a True Conviction on the play. It felt a little slow, but I deemed it powerful enough to keep.

I played out the Myr but my opponent came out quicker and I was left on the backfoot. I didn’t draw another drop that I could play until turn 4 where I drew my Tel-Jilad Fallen which I played but got dispatched at end of turn with a Galvanic Blast. On my opponent next turn he served with a Dross Hopper and a Blistergrub. Here I was given the opportunity to trade Dross Hopper for Gold Myr.

I declined and that directly meant I lost the game and the match. I didn’t realize it directly but the fact was that as long as my opponent have Dross Hopper (or another sacrifice outlet for creatures) I couldn’t gain life of True Conviction which was my whole plan that game. I could make an excuse that I wanted to keep the Gold Myr around so I could be absolutely sure to reach 6 mana so I could play my True Conviction and Alpha Tyrranax (boarded in) that I had in hand.

But as my friend Rober Hellgren pointed out to me directly after the match, the logic is flawed due that I have I had plays to do that cost under 6 mana in hand as well as the only 2 cards in the deck that I couldn’t cast with 5 lands in play were already in my hand. Even if I didn’t draw lands for a few turns, I would be guaranteed to draw live cards that I could play.

Back to the match, the game progressed from there with me playing out a couple of guys before finally landing the True Conviction. As I couldn’t gain life from it, I only swang with a (non-Metalcrafted) Ezuri’s Brigade to force a chump and a sacrifice which he did. He then went on to play a removal spell on one of my blockers and then using a Panic Spellbomb to force enough damage to win the game. Tilt.

1-2, 4-3-2-2

Going 1-1-1 wasn’t the worst, but I kicked myself for how I played the last game of round 9. A couple of smarter decision would easily lead me to 2-0-1 that draft instead. It sucked but I couldn’t drag myself around that for long as draft 2 were mere minutes away.

Draft 2:

168 Combrink, James [ZAF] 15 43.20%
169 Hart, Jake [CHN] 15 43.20%
170 Flores™, Mario [MEX] 15 42.79%
171 Rendon™, Alejandro [BOL] 15 42.38%
172 Zander™, Bernhard [SWE] 14 55.55%
173 Melis™, Bas [NLD] 13 54.73%
174 Zaghi™, Rafael [BRA] 13 54.32%
175 Nyström, Per [SWE] 13 51.85%

Once again, not too many scary names in my pod but I had fellow swede and friend Per Nyström in the pod which sucked because I didn’t want to play versus other swedes (for apparent reasons…). Funny enough Per ended up siting directly to my right in the draft. I knew that Per was kinda fond of Infect so staying out of black and green seemed like to be in both best intrest.

But this draft quickly became weird. My first 5 picks of the draft were Strata Scythe, Golem Artisan, Darksteel Juggernaut, Instill Infection and Embersmith and compare with the decklist bellow you will be surprised to say the least:

9x Swamp
8x Forest
1x Fume Spitter
1x Copper Myr
1x Silver Myr
1x Dross Hopper
1x Sylvok Replica
1x Moriok Reaver
1x Necrogen Scudder
1x Moriok Replica
1x Skindrender
1x Tel-Jilad Fallen
2x Acid Web Spider
1x Golem Artisan
1x Molder Beast
1x Nihil Spellbomb
1x Withstand Death
1x Tel-Jilad Defiance
2x Tumble Magnet
1x Strata Scythe
1x Trigon of Corruption
2x Instill Infection

The thing was that I started out thinking that I would draft an aggressive black and red Metalcrafty deck but the red dried out really quick and by end of pack one I had artifacts, some black cards and a Embersmith to talk about. Then more black cards and artifact followed, until I received Acid Web Spider 8th in an otherwise empty pack and then wheeled another Acid Web Spider (9th pick) which lead me into green. I fairly sure at this point that neither of ths gentlemen to my left and right wasn’t drafting Infect at all. The last pack was rounded out with some goodies like Skinrender and Sylvok Replica which greatly upped my otherwise fairly lackluster deck.

Round 10: Rendon™, Alejandro [BOL]

Like my first draft match, my opponents deck just looked really lackluster. Even compared to mine. He had a blue-red Metalcraft deck with multiple Neurok Invisimancer, which my Fume Spitter, double Instill Infection and Trigon of Corruption enjoyed killing. I won this match in 2 games without much excitement.

2-0, 5-3-2

Round 11: Hart, Jake [CHN]

Jake was a very interesting fella. An Australian of orgin, he was at Worlds representing China 🙂 . He was nice and very chatty, and had a good reason to be as happy as he was as he had a really sleek Infect deck.

He pummeled me game 1 with after leading with turn 2 Plague Stinger, turn 3 Cystbearer, turn 4 Corpse Cur and pick up Cystbearer after I had traded with in combat. That start is always so demoralizing…

I sneaked game 2, mostly because Jake lacked double black for a long while so my Necrogen Scudder took him all the way down to 5 life. He managed to almost stabilize at that point, but I savagely ripped Trigon of Corruption of the top of my deck to break parity and win the game.

Game 3 was more like game 1, except this time I put up a better fight despite starting the game on 6 cards. My Instill Infections got to work, but in the end his Hand of the Praetors-fueled Infect army got there in the end.

1-2, 5-4-2

Round 12: Flores™, Mario [MEX]

Mario sported a RW Metalcraft. Nothing too fancy, just your standard solid RW Metalcraft deck.

Game 1 ended up really tight and I lost the race despite having turn 3 Necrogen Scudder and turn 4 Skinrender on the play. In the end he just had too many fliers and a Razor Hippogriff to change the momentum of the game.

For game 2 I mulled once and then got back a hand of 2 Forest, 2 Swamp, Copper Myr and a Tumble Magnet. I stared at that hand for a long, long time. The hand is basically 5 mana sources and a Tumble Magnet, which sounds pretty smelly when you put it like that. On the other hand, that hand could play anything I would draw and the Tumble Magnet would buy me a lot of time at least. I also thought that his deck looked a little better than mine so I thought I needed to get a little lucky anyways, so I sighed and kept.

It didn’t work out.

Myself pondering on what went wrong

I drew a fair amount of “action” but the part of the deck I really needed (most importantly the 2 Acid Web Spider) didn’t show up in the second game so a Snapsail Glider and a Glint Hawk Idol slowly got me. While it’s true that my opponent probably had a bit tighter deck that I had, I felt that if a Acid Web Spider would have shown up in either game both games would have ended in a very different manner…

So, I 1-2 this draft but I wasn’t as bitter about the result for the second draft compared with the first. I had drafted well from what I was given and beside a questionable keep in the last game of round 12 I had played well the entire draft. My opponents had played well and both opponents I lost to just had good decks and that just how drafts go sometime.

Day 2 didn’t go as well as I hoped and left me with a total score of 5-5-2 going into the third and last day of Worlds. My hopes of reaching Top50 were almost gone, pretty much only a 6-0 in Extended would get me where I wanted to end up at. So that was my goal and determination for the last day. But before I will get to that I will address how Teams went…and before that it’s Christmas (yey!) and a deserved little break for yours truly. But I will be back shortly!

Merry Christmas everybody!

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