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The Exploration equals 2 years!

December 26, 2010

Wow, have I been doing this for 2 years now? It certainly doesn’t feel like it…

This year has been very exciting for me Magic-wise but also very uneven. Off course the high point of my year was indeed very high with my 2nd place at Nationals and then getting to both play at Worlds but also representing Sweden in the team competition (and had a not too shabby showing there either). That was, you know, awesome.

But apart from that this year has been kinda low. The ending of 2009 and the first couple of months of 2010 was not directly any high points. I didn’t do too well in the events I was in. Partially because of the average flow factor that is in Magic (you know, sometimes you just lose even if you did everything in your power in order to win) but mostly because of some awkward deck choices and some sloppy playing. GP Brussels was a huge disappointment but I felt like redeemed myself after my (at the time very disheartening) 9th place in the 200 person PTQ on day 2 of the GP. Sure I didn’t get anywhere, but that was the first event for a long time where I felt like I played well overall and I was playing a deck that was both powerful and I felt comfortable playing. That PTQ was a huge confident boost for me.

After that things became a little lighter, LinCon was a moderate success and my time prepping for Nationals also felt good. Then there was Nationals and you already know how that went. After that I was back in the gutter again. Played poorly overall and tanked for the most part. How GP Gothenburg played out for me was also very disheartening. From 6-0 and just beat Tomoharu Saito to 6-3 and dead in the water.

It wasn’t until a couple of weeks before going to Japan and Worlds until I felt my mojo coming back again. And I’m in retrospect fairly pleased with how I did at Worlds with all factor accounted for. I didn’t reach level 3 in the Pro Players Club nor got top50, so I’m back in the PTQ-gutters again but that is okay. I’m ready to tackle the next PTQ season with a fire!

Further on, I’m looking at what I wrote exactly a year ago and compare with what I have accomplished since then. I have increased my ratio of entries per month on the blog which is good but I haven’t really dipped into making videos as I mentioned in said post. I did some experimenting last easter but making 3 min+ reasonable quality videos with the computer I’m currently possessing (a two year old laptop) is borderline stretching it, so I gave up on that. At least for the time being. It’s certainly an area I want to try to go back to and get working. We will see.

As far as my playing goals go last year was a success. My goal that I set for myself in Christmas 2008, that I would have played or be qualified for a Pro Tour by the end of 2010 have I fulfilled. That also with getting on the National team this year to booth! I’m also happy that I took the time and effort to travel way more than I did last year, seeking out PTQs and going to GPs.

Goals for next year? I want back to the tour really badly. I had a great time at Worlds and I’m dying to get back to that scene. So that means duking it out at PTQs and going to more GPs. Also I guess I want that National Champion title next year ;).

Before I end this entry, I want to thank the people who have been supporting me in any way this year in Magic. Those who I have been traveling around the world with playing this game and those who just has been reading my blog and other work. Thank you for this year and I hope the next one will be even better!

Until next time!

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