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Prereleasing with Mirrodin Besieged

February 1, 2011

So I hit the prerelease this past weekend to sling some new cardboard. The actual tournament didn’t treat me too well but that’s fine. I can’t say that I’m all that result oriented when I go to prereleases. I just want lay my hand on the new cards, sling with them and see a lot of friends.

Sidenote, I have come to realize that I don’t like prereleases. Feels a bit weird so say but what’s even weirder is that I have felt this way for a while. And when I say “a while” I mean something like a year or so. The actual tournaments always is so awkward. There is a lot of players, a lot more than any local PTQ can muster which in conjunction with a lot of the players are inexperience and has a casual approach to the game. That leads to that the organizers have a though time operating the tournament. Than in turn leads to that the tournament progress in an abysmal pace. And then there is the awkwardness of pitting a primarily casual player versus players that are more competitive in nature. I can’t speak from the casual players perspective, but at least from my side it’s always…awkward. I mean, it’s a tournament with prices right but then again prereleases have a little more casual flavor of them so you don’t bring down the full sheblang of what is tournament magic on your opponent… No matter how you choose to act it sucks for at least someone.

With that said the question follows; Why do I keep going to them? I’m not entirely sure. I think I have kept telling me that “it get’s better next time, you see”. Well, that’s obviously a lot of crap. Then I guess my urge to sink my teeth into the new cards gets the best of me…and the opportunity of seeing a lot of people who I might not otherwise stumble on is also alluring. I think for Mirrodin Pure/New Phyrexia I will (try) to skip that actual sealed tournament and just go there to draft. See how that works out.

Anyhow, back to Mirrodin Besieged. I opted to side with the Phyrexians at the prerelease. While I completely agree with PV that the Mirran pool will always be a bit more consistent, the potential of true nutty pools can be found with the Phyrexians. Going into a 100+ player event with a top8 cutoff, I rather try to go for the throat (no pun intended) than try to squeeze it out with an average pool. So I took the Phyrexian gambit and a crashed pretty hard as my pool was very lackluster.

Now the faction split won’t be a factor for the future, but I thought it was interesting how the cards has been split between them. At least from a game perspective. For example, Ichor Wellspring and Mirrorworks seems super sweet for Metalcraft strategies, yet they were positioned in the Phyrexian packs. The same goes for Living Weapon, which to me seems to fit better into decks that want to have a bunch of artifacts. On the other hand Battle Cry seems much more powerful for decks that try to win with Poison. I guess the split up makes sense flavorwise but this fact left at least me with the feeling that while I played extensively at the prerelease, there is yet much to explore of this limited environment. Maybe that was R&D “evil” plot all along?

Nevertheless the cards and strategies that I got to sling with were nice and the future for the this limited environment looks promising in my eyes. I bet you will hear more about Mirrodin Besieged from me soon enough since I will be attending the Magic Weekend in Paris next week. A lot of Magic, both constructed and limited, is not far aways now. But as mentioned, more of that later on. Now I need to dart my way to my class, laters!

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