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The gathering in Paris

February 6, 2011

Yes, the time has come for what probably is going to be the biggest Magic event of the year (in turns of number of attending players), the “Magic Weekend” in Paris:

The last GP Paris broke the record of attendance of the time with 1961 players and everybody is expecting that GP Paris will once again break the record (which I believe is currently held by GP Madrid 2010’s 2227 players). All events held in Europe tends to always be well visited but this time a lot of players from America, Asia and down under will show up as well that wouldn’t made the trip just for a GP. Heck, the connecting Pro Tour might end up being the largest Pro Tour in modern time as well. Also the very first play off for Player of the Year is being held on Saturday morning, that should be exciting as well.

And I will be there and be apart of it! My run for making level 3 last year ended up a bit short and due to the mixed signals from Wizards about the LCQ, me and my travel partner Tim booked our flight under the assumption that there wouldn’t be any LCQ. So, my flight to Paris arrives a bit too late to catch the offsite LCQ :/.

Anyhow, the weekend will be packed with Magic regardless. Some really sweet public events on Thursday and Friday and then the massive GP on the weekend. Should be a ton of fun. Will also be there and rout for the whooping 15(!) Swedes that is qualified for the Pro Tour. I can’t remember a Pro Tour where so many Swedes will be participating. And I think there will be a Swede in the Top8. Why do I think that? Well, fore and most there are some really talented guys in the Swedish ranks right now but then there is superstitious approach. Since 2005, there has been a Swede in 2 Top8s at the Pro Tour-level, PT Berlin in 2008 and Worlds in Chiba last year. What do they have in common? I was there. Maybe I’m some kind of lucky charm? I will be in Paris, so we will see…

A little about the formats, I will personally be playing Limited and Standard for sure and god-forbid if I fail to day 2 on the GP I will be grinding in the/a Extended PTQ on Sunday. Funny enough it’s Extended I have been playing the most since new years (which I might not be playing at all next week). A Valakut deck is what I really want to be playing (most likely a version similar to what Jason Ford took down GP Atlanta with), but I can’t at this point justify myself to be playing that over Faeries. Faeries has just had the most impressing track record when I play. The deck is certainly not invincible but it’s very solid. And that’s why I will be playing it next Sunday if it comes to that.

Standard is a more complex matter. Due to the new set is legal and there are quite the few goodies in Mirrodin Besieged I’m very reluctant to play a true control deck right now. The field at the public events and PT is probably going to be quite open, which makes it really difficult to know exactly what’s up when you play in every single round. And if you don’t know that, I personally feel very in secure playing a true control deck at that stage of the metagame.

I have been very fond of UG Genesis Wave that Conley Woods recently made quite famous. It’s just very powerful and plays a lot of cards that I like. And it’s proactive. Fills most of my criterium of what a good deck in Constructed is. So I’m heavily leaning on playing that, but the recent big buzz about Kuldotha Red has made me a bit worried. Really fast aggressive decks isn’t exactly what you want to be playing every other round with that deck. So, nothing is set in stone as of yet.

Limited feels alright when it comes to Sealed deck but I feel like I could do a ton of more drafts. But the set is quite new, so I guess that is everybody’s feeling at this point.

So that is the story to this point. Next week should be a ton of fun. For those who is going there, I will see you there and for those who aren’t joining the action on site there should be a tone of coverage to follow everything worth knowing. Cheers!

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