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Sickening tweets from GP Dallas 2011

April 11, 2011

As Grand Prix Dallas 2010 was wrapping up there was some interesting (see mind boggling) facts from the events that sipped out through Twitter by Evan Erwin and Patrick Chapin:

followed by:

That there would be plenty of Jaces in the Top8 wasn’t directly a big surprise even though 32 JtMS were in the Top8 and a whooping 15 out of 16 people had 4 JtMS in their deck in the Top16 is hefty. But what I actually think is the most disturbing fact is the one bellow:

Are you kidding me? Are there more Jace, the Mind Sculptor than basic Islands? More of this mythic rare Planeswalker than any other card in the format? Holy hell.

Chapin then summed it up pretty nicely with the coup d’etat:

As outrageous as the statement is, you can’t deny that he has a point. Even Necropotence wasn’t this format warping as far as I can tell.

Dear me.


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