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Crack those packs, build this pool – NBS Sealed exercise

May 15, 2011

Hi ho everybody. As I’m heading to Prague to play in the GP next weekend I thought a little Sealed pool exercise would be nice. So I went to and generated a NBS Sealed pool. This is what I got:

Click to magnify

This pool is quite interesting, isn’t it? After a first glance, I can only single out two cards that I expect to play in my final forty. It’s hard to imagine the mighty Karn Liberated and Perilous Myr not making the deck. But after that things are definitely not straight forward.

If we start out looking on the rares we have a crusader of each color, a Liege of the Tangle, Genesis Wave, Torpor Orb and the Karn Liberated I have already mentioned. Besides the Karn, non of our rares are really exciting. I mean, Mirran Crusader, Phyrexian Crusader and Genesis Wave are good but they don’t have that immediate effect on the board like a Hoard Smelter Dragon has, for example.

So, looking at our bombs haven’t really got us any guidance on what color we should be playing (since Karn Liberated is colorless) so one just have to dig in deep. After examining all the colors up front I want to dismiss red. The creatures are just worse than the ones sported in green and the little artifact removal there is is triumph by white. The only card worth mentioning really is Burn the Impure that could be splashed if needed. Then before we can make any further decision we have to ask ourselves, is infect a viable plan?

Sample deck #1: UB Infect

9x Swamp
7x Island
1x Plains

2x Flensermite
1x Blighted Agent
1x Riddlesmith
1x Ichorclaw Myr
1x Perilous Myr
2x Sceptic Rats
1x Phyrexian Crusader
1x Phyrexian Rager
1x Phyrexian Digster
1x Neurok Replica
1x Blinding Souleater
1x Viral Drake
1x Core Prowler

1x Flight Spellbomb
1x Gremlin Mine
1x Morbid Plunder
1x Parasitic Implant
1x Trigon of Infestation
1x Quicksilver Geyser
1x Numbing Dose
1x Karn Liberated

I think there is enough Infect card to make Infect work but I’m not really sold. The main problem I have is the lack of long game support. The only thing we really got going for us in a long game with the deck above is Viral Drake (which is fantastic though) and Karn Liberated. Card like Flensermite och Phyrexian Digster gets bad really quickly and without any equipment at all in sight playing them seems kinda loose. Playing green instead of blue is also possible, but there is nothing in green that is as powerful as Viral Drake for this strategy which is why I resorted to blue.

If we throw the concept of Infect out the window, then what? I think black do have to be axed if we ignore the Infect plan since besides Phyrexian Crusader (which I happly play on whatever plan I’m on) and Morbid Plunder the cards are quite non impressive.

At this point it’s really close in my mind between green, blue and white. I wouldn’t fault anyone for playing GU, GW, UW or GUw. The list bellow is close to what I would have submitted:

Sample deck #2: UW

9x Plains
8x Island

1x Riddlesmith
1x Perilous Myr
1x Copper Myr
1x Mirran Crusader
1x Gore Vassal
1x Blinding Souleater
1x Neurok Replica
1x Vulshok Replica
1x Snapsail Glider
1x Serum Raker
1x Viral Drake
1x Rusted Slasher
1x Razorfield Rhino
1x Hexplate Golem

2x Devine Offering
1x Revoke Existence
1x Shrine of Piercing Vision
1x Myosynth Wellspring
1x Arrest
1x Numbing Dose
1x Quicksilver Geyser
1x Karn Liberated

I just really like having a lot of evasion in Limited, particularly in Sealed. So that means playing blue in this pool. And then I just think the white does more for the deck than green. Green has some good fatties but you can find just slightly worse fatties in the form of Razorfield Rhino and Hexplate Golem to fill those spots. And white do have some really good artifact removal which green is completely devoided from.

That said, I would be carrying a bunch of Forest with me though because if I face an opponent which are light on artifact I would not be late to sideboard in the green instead of the white. If Devine Offering and Revoke Existence are near to dead then white as a color gets really embarrassing.

That’s how I reasoned with these pool. I’d love to hear some thoughts and see some decklist on how you would have built this pool. Bernhard over and out.

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