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Level up!

August 2, 2011

At the beginning of last month I talked about some exciting news that I would reveal when the end of the month came around. And here we are.

So, what’s up? Let me tell you what’s up:

Yes, that’s right. Started last weekend, I have a column on my own over at! It’s called “Daily Grind” and the content of the column will mainly circle around the life of a Magic grinder and what follows. You can read more details by clicking on the column logo (which will take you to the first issue of “Daily Grind”).

I want to mention that this does have some implication for the blog. By having this column (currently issued monthly but the frequency might increase) it mean that I will have less time for writing on “The Exploration”. This will most likely mean that the more strategy driven content you have previously read here on the blog will in the future end up on instead. I expect to still post stuff on “The Exploration” but it will be more personal related, like tournament reports and ramblings about the game in general. It sucks that a bit less content will be published here but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

All in all, I’m very excited about this opportunity given to me by the crew and I will try to make that most of it. I have for some times now wanted to “level up” my Magic related writing and now it’s finally happen, which I’m super stoked about! So, please check out my first article over there on and make sure to rate and comment it!

Have a good one and stay tuned!

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