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Long time coming

August 24, 2011

Earlier today I stumbled upon a piece of news that is actually kinda old but I’m surprised it took me so long to get across this. That’s partly because how little buzz the news has received across the net, so chances are you haven’t heard of about what I’m going to share momentarily. It’s partly a spoiler for Innistrad so for you who don’t want any of that, this is your last chance to stop reading.

Okay, do you guys remember the Invitational? I guess most of you who has played the game for a couple years know what the Invitational was but here is the short rundown for newer players:

The Invitational was an annual tournament were (virtually) only the 16 of the best players at the time were allowed to play in. It was a multiple day event with a bunch of wacky formats with the bunch of great players and at the end of it, the victor got to be immortalized as a Magic card partly of his/her own design. Cards like Dark Confidant, Ranger of Eos and Meddling Mage are all credited to various winners of the Invitational.

Now the thing is that the last Invitational held was in 2007 with Portugal’s Tiago Chan crowned as champion. The card he submitted (used as a base card for the card later to be printed in his honor) has yet to see print! And that was now almost 4 years ago! A lot of people (including myself) thought that his card had ran into the sand and was never to see print, but at the end of June this year Mark Rosewater of Wizards R&D tweeted this:

What maybe the sickest slowroll of Magic history (it’s at least on par with the story of Olle Råde’s card Sylvan Safekeeper) seems to be finally over! Here is the card Tiago submitted all those years ago:

Denying Channel
T: Add 1 Mana to your mana pool.
2UU, Discard Denying Channel: Counter target spell.

Yeah, that’s a pretty sick card right there. Rosewater gave up a little information of the actual card as well:

I’m guessing that we won’t see a uncounterable counterspell that also double times as a land (so sick!) but seems like we are getting a treat nevertheless.

I think it’s great Tiago finally get’s his reward for his win all those years ago and finally we mortals get to play with his card. I kick myself though for not getting a hold of this information sooner. Well, I guess that’s what you get because you don’t follow interesting people on Twitter. Lesson learned.

Bernhard over and out.

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  1. BernhardZ permalink*
    September 3, 2011 12:07

    Yesterday Aaron Forsythe revealed Tiago Chan’s card in it’s full glory, Snapcaster Mage.

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