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Dark times, good times

September 23, 2011

Starting tomorrow at the Innistrad prerelease we will enter a dark year of Magic…

Well, not literally a dark age. I’m referring to the very flavourful gothic/horror/Victorian theme Wizards has chosen for the upcoming block. It feels like we are to enter the Magic equivalent to the worlds created by Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Robert Louis Stevenson and Edgar Allan Poe (and many more)…except maybe a tad more rad. And I’m really digging it.

The whole set has been spoiled and has been for almost a week now and from what I have seen the set looks really cool. There is just a bunch of stuff going on without a mechanic or something that really steers how cards work and interact with each other (like Metalcraft or Infect in the previous Block) so from the looks of it there is bunch of stuff you can do and you aren’t heavily forced into predetermined themes. If you have been following the twitterverse the last week you noticed that a lot of people have expressed a lot of hope for the set and have overall just praised it. Aaron Forsythe even went so far in the praises with this tweet:

So one could be nothing but stoked to sling the cards ourselves.

From a Constructed standpoint it looks like we are stepping down on the powerlevel ladder a bit like we did in Scars of Mirrodin. I think it’s a good thing since we reached a dangerously high point with Zendikar and it even went so far that we got a couple of cards banned in Standard which hasn’t happen in…6 years? (Ironically it was also during a visit to the Mirrodin-plane). However this makes the cards harder to evaluate for Constructed since it’s difficult to tell how high the powerlevel-bar is going to be by September 30th.

Normally I use to talk about the new cards that excites me and which doesn’t etc. on the blog as the set draws closer to it’s prerelease date but for Innistrad I have been holding back and saving it for my column. That said, I don’t know yet when my column is scheduled to be published for October. So if my column is pushed deeper in the month I might have to change the topic for the article and thus leaving me some space to write about the cards here instead.

Hope you have a good time tomorrow at the prerelease. I will try my best to have one even though as I have expressed many times before I’m not the biggest fan of actual prereleases myself.

Have a good one and stay tuned.

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