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3 draws of Innistrad Limited

November 1, 2011

Just some quick thoughts about what I have experienced about the Innistrad Limited format worth pointing out so far:

I hope you have a play on turn 3 or else...

I, like many other seasoned Magic players, are initially very skeptical about green as a color for Limited. Usually green is mostly about the fatties and that is rarely a strategy that works out in practice. So, coming into Innistrad I didn’t have my hopes up about green as a color. But I got to say that so far I’m fairly impressed and say that green is legit. However, it’s worth mentioning that there are really two different branches within the color.

First you have the classical fatty school which this time around has the Morbid-mechanic built in. This school is not what you want to embrace. Partially because the big green dudes are mostly just big and dumb but also because Morbid is a quite awful mechanic for green. It’s really hard to activate it when you want in green decks and the cards is for the most part quite disappointing when you can’t reckon on getting Morbid on.

That’s the part of green you should be careful with. The part you should be rocking is the really aggressive green decks, highlighted by Villagers of Estwald, Darkthicket Wolf and if you are in green-white Travel Preparations. There is just a lot of power in this school and if you manage to pair it up with white you have one of the most potent strategies in this format.

The bell toll for thy!

It didn’t take long before everyone realized that having cards in your graveyard is good in this format for multiple reasons. There are the blue zombie guys that needs you have creatures in the ‘yard to remove, there are cards with flashback, cards that depends on the number of creatures in your graveyard etc. In short, having a stacked ‘yard is something you want. But now the question is; is milling your opponent a viable strategy?

Winning through milling is something people seem to have some sort of everlasting wish to do. When it comes to Limited the standard response is “no”. Milling usually is not a real possibility from a competitive aspect although there are exceptions. Dampen Thoughts made it possible in Kamigawa Limited, Dimir had a reasonable mill-thing going in Ravnica and when you could get y0ur hands on a Drowner of Secrets in Lorwyn Limited, it was on.

But what about Innistrad Limited? I was unsure for the longest time but after having my ass served by none other than former World Champion André Coimbra in a MODO 8-4 when he was on mill, I was persuaded. Since then I have tried mill a couple of times with fairly good turnout but I have to say that the trick is to never force mill. The thing you should be doing is to pick reasonable good blue card in the beginning and really pay attention if there are Ghoulcaller’s Bell, Curse of the Bloody Tome and Dream Twist in the packs. If they wheel, that’s the sign that a move into the mill plan is a go.

Another card that is worth mentioning while we are talking about the mill plan is Sensory Deprivation. That card is fine on it’s own but is even stronger when you are on the mill plan since you couldn’t care less about your opponent having a bunch of 0/X creatures.

One of the sickest blowouts in the formats.

And finally I just want to say that blue is still good. How surprising, huh? In all seriousness blue is just a very well balanced colors. The creatures are great even if some of them require a little work (like Stitched Drake) and the tricks are very strong. When you play this format you quickly pick up on that a majority of the removal option there are in the format are very situational and doesn’t necessary work when you need it. As a result of that bounce spells and countermagic becomes more powerful because of their reliability. Both Silent Departure and Grasp of Phantoms are sick and Lost in the Mist is very unappreciated. That card alone can swing games entirely, rest be sure.

All in all, blue just feel very well rounded and the cards rewards players for playing well. And not surprisingly there are more than myself that have these feelings for blue in Innistrad:

This was just a short excerpt about Innistrad Limited. Expect a lenghtier and more in-depth piece about the format sometime next week over at Until then, good luck in the PTQs and enjoy the “horrors” of Innistrad!

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