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RE: Changes in Organized Play

November 8, 2011

Last week Wizards revealed another part of their plan for the upcoming changes of organized play, starting with the 2012 season. The short rundown of the announcement is this:

  • Worlds as we know it will cease to exist. It will be replaced with an exclusive 16 man tournament that will be held at GenCon (August 16-19 for the 2012 season) with a prize purse of 100k $. The team portion of the old Worlds is also scrubbed.
  • Nationals Championship no longer directly feeds into any event. Previously the Top4 of an invitational National were invited to Worlds with “paid” airfare along with an additional guaranteed prize for the members of an national team.
  • The Pro Player Club as we know it will also cease to exist. People will have their gravy train perks for next year but that’s it. We have been told that something will be replacing the PPC for 2013 but what exactly hasn’t been revealed yet.

Yeah, that’s quite the mouthful. About two month ago Wizards announced the scrapping of the ELO rating system and the transition the Planeswalker Points-system which caused a lot of buzz to say the least.

I personally think the PWP-system isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It might even be  a diamond in the rough. It needs a little biz of polishing here and there but at least it has the potential to be better than the ELO-system we previous had which was faulty by it’s fundamentals. Now, I’m not too fond over Wizards cutting giving out invites to GP Top16s and PT Top50s but I think it’s unfair to directly link that to the PWP-system. All in all, I’m at peace with that transition.

But the recent announcement?

There has been a lot of changes and modifications to the game and it’s structure over the years and there has always been a lot of complaint and people forecasting the doom of the game. Most of it I have whiffed off. People don’t like changes and some just like to complain for the kicks of it.

But the recent news has me for the first time be genuinely concerned for the health of the game.

Now, I can see the new Worlds set-up being pretty cool but at that cost? I don’t think so… Butchering the team portion of Worlds and the feeding portion of the National Championships does hurt a lot, particularly for smaller countries.

Over the course of the last couple of days there has been a ton of great articles by a numerous name players about the recent changes and what they have for implications and consequences. I more or less agree with everything they talk about, so instead of me basically repeating what they have already have written/talked about I’ll just go ahead and recommend you reading/watching them instead:

As I final note I want to point out that the thing I’m most pissed about regarding this whole debacle is what PV mentioned in his article, the way Wizards opts to communicate with us, the playerbase. It’s just very disrespectful from Wizards side to portion out these changes bit by bit and not just giving us the whole plan for the future at once. It’s particularly annoying for those trying to plan how much Magic they are going to play next year and what events they should attend to when we are being held out of what the perks of playing at these events will be.

I’m well aware that these changes might very well be forced on us by big daddy Hasbro but why can’t Wizards just say that? It would make the playerbase response much more understanding… As I said, miscommunication is the ugliest beast yet released by Wizards.

It’s going to be a fateful month or two in which the future of competitive Magic might be decided on. I’m just holding my breathe and hope that there is an tomorrow.

Bernhard, over and out.

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