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New layout, same content

December 19, 2011


Does things look a little off? Are you asking yourself if you have really come to the right blog? Don’t worry, this is “the Exploration” alright. It has both the same content  and the same author as before but the layout is new.

Why the change? I have been tinkering with the idea for a while after have received several pokes from friends that the previous design I had on the blog was a bit narrow and made entries difficult to read from time to time due to the “wall-of-text”-syndrome. Therefore I made plans to change the design and I was supposed to carry them out during the summer but I never got to it for whatever reason.

But now as my Christmas break has started to take in effect I thought I give my agenda another try and voila! Let me present the “Vigilance”-scheme (fitting name for a blog about Magic, isen’t?). Pretty neat if I allowed to say so myself.

Hope you enjoy the face lift as much as I do.

Bernhard, over and out.

PS If I don’t get back to you before Christmas, I’d like to take the opportunity now and wish you all a merry Christmas. Cheers! DS

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