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The coolest thing about Dark Ascension

January 24, 2012

If you have missed it, Wizards has put up the entire set in the official spoilers over at the mothership, so everyone can now indulge the awesomeness that is Dark Ascension.



As I was sifting through the entire spoiler and looking at the plethora of cool cards, one thing hit me. What I find really fascinating about the new set is not a specific card or anything but rather how nearly every card that I find interesting can’t be directly correlated to a specific deck that already exist in Standard (or Modern for that matter). What I’m trying to say here is that for most of the Constructed worthy cards in the set, there aren’t already a deck that says “oh, come to papa!”.

If we take Standard as our reference format, cards like Lingering Souls, the new Sorin, Geralf’s Messenger, Gravecrawler, Faithless Looting, Huntmaster of the Fells along with a couple of others seems great and clearly cards you want to put somewhere to use… except there isn’t really a great spot for them if you look at what decks people are playing in Standard right now.

Therefore we are encourage to find new shells to harness the full potential out of these new cards. And that is exactly why I think Dark Ascension seems so cool from where I’m standing today. It’s not like Standard is a very stale format right now but nevertheless, a breath of fresh air like this is always welcomed. Gotta say that I’m pretty stoked about how the Standard format will evolve in the upcoming weeks.

As for Modern or Legacy goes, it’s much harder to say. I mean, Faithless Looting seems to me like the #1 candidate on the list of impacting cards for the bigger sets but it’s difficult to say for sure with such big formats in consideration. You typically need a quite large stick to startle the sleeping dragons that Modern and Legacy are, if you know what I’m saying.

And off course, Dark Ascension seems like a blast for Limited. I’m so looking forward to get some drafts done with Dark Ascension. So, can the set come already?

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