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Sweet engine in Standard

February 23, 2012

Grand Prix Lille is approaching and since I’m going to attend to the event a lot of my focus recently has been on Standard. The release of Dark Ascension has as many predicted added an additional flavor to the format, which the results of Pro Tour Dark Ascension (i.e. Honolulu) can attest.

Existing archetypes were re-imagined (I have the Channel Fireball Wolf Run deck and the Finkel Delver deck among others in mind) and we got to see the pros battle with a lot of new stuff.

The brew that really caught my attention was the Reanimator deck Raphael Levy along with a couple of other frenchies were battling with. To be more exact, it’s the trifecta of Faithless Looting, Mulch and Tracker’s Instincts that really impressed me.

The card advantage and deck velocity that these cards together create is astonishing. Off course, these cards sets some requirements on the rest of the deck you need to fulfill in order to make the engine running. You probably want to have some sort of minimum of the number of lands in your deck to make Mulch impressing and the same goes for Tracker’s Instincts (but with creatures instead of lands, off course). This might not be a drawback however, since you may very well be filling up your graveyard with Unburial Rites and fatties or creatures in order to play 1 mana 10/10s in the process.

My fondness for the engine has made me spent the last week or so working on decks with these cards. Naturally, I started with the source and pretty much picked up Levy’s deck card for card but I have in addition to playing Frites been laborating with more straight forward RUG decks, taking advantage of the stacked graveyard by playing cards like Ghoultree and what nod.

At least for my part these decks that these cards go into are still on the experimental stage but if I can find a build that I deem powerful enough, I’d love to play it in the GP. The Frites deck obviously did very well at the Pro Tour but it doesn’t mean it might be strong enough moving forward when people are gunning for it opposed of being a rouge deck as it was in Honolulu. I’m however eager to find that out.

Anyways, if you are looking for something new and fresh for Standard, I highly recommend you to be playing a strategy that involves these 3 cards. It might turn out that the engine is not strong enough to compete with Delvers or Primeval Titans right now but it sure is sweet nonetheless.

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