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Don’t you worry

August 26, 2012

If you have read my latest article over at Blackborder (and shame on you if you haven’t 😉 ), you might be a little confused over the announcement I made at the end, so I thought I give a more elaborate explanation on why I’m going on a hiatus.

For starters, this doesn’t mean that I’m quitting playing Magic. I had a couple of concerned friends who have knocked on my shoulder asking me that but that is not the case. You are not losing me that easy, don’t you worry. What I’m doing is taking a hiatus from my professional writing at Blackborder. The answer to why is the following:

I have for the recent years been studying towards a Master’s degree in Information Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology here in Stockholm (also know as KTH) but during most of last year I begun to feel fed up with my studies. Not so much of the topics and the courses, which my interest in hasn’t really change since I started but more so the life of being a student. While the liberty in how you distribute your time when you are a student is nice and for us who are students that tries to play reasonable competitive Magic and write articles allows us to make our schedules work. That said, I have found out that the relatively unstructured nature of being a student doesn’t really suit me…or at least it’s been nagging enough for me that after ~15 year at the school bench I feel like I need a change or the very least a break from it relatively soon.

These thoughts have left me deep in the tank during the summer and I have been pondering if I should take a break from my studies starting now or if I should “simply” suck it up and continue on for now. As I’m writing this I’m still fairly undecided on what I will be doing the upcoming months/year. With that in mind I felt like I needed to loose a couple of commitment in order to make sure I have the time to do whatever I end up doing , and one of them being my column over at Blackborder.

While I technically feel like I probably could maintain the schedule I have had previously with Blackborder, i.e. an article per month, I want to be able to stand by the content I submit and want to be able to feel proud about my work. Just putting down 2000+ arbitrary words and ship them in every month is not going to cut it, at the very least for me. To be able to feel those things about the articles I produce, I more often than not need plenty of time playing the formats I’m addressing or the decks I’m talking about and it’s that where the issue lies. I think there is a high possibility that I won’t have that time in the near future and I don’t either want to lock myself into putting down those hours it needs to stay on top of various subjects.

So, that is pretty much the reason why I’m taking a hiatus from Blackborder. With all that said and done, I still do like writing about and off course playing Magic very much and absolutely wish to get back to my column sooner rather than later. For all intents and purposes, I might have made a bigger deal of the upcoming months than it actually turns out to be and I might get back on that horse in no time, but I rather take some precautions particularly since my editor is so very understanding about my situation.

As for The Exploration goes, I don’t expect things to changes much. As since I started writing for Blackborder, I have had the intention to write stuff here whenever I have the inspiration, content and time to write, so you should definitely expect some things popping up here every now and then. I know the recent months have been particularly dry but its been summer which always means that not that much Magic is going on compared to the rest of the year. To booth, I was working a 9-to-5 job during the summer which was a bit more exhausting than I originally thought and that left me with not too much energy left doing stuff like writing here.

Anyhow, TL;DR: I’m taking a break from my gig over at Blackborder for personal reasons but I intend to return to my column sooner rather than later, I’m not quitting playing Magic and I hope to put stuff here a bit more frequently than earlier but the amount of free time is the limiting factor there.

Until next time,


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