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About The Exploration

MeMy name is Bernhard (also know as balthazar88 on various places around the internet) and this is my blog about Magic the Gathering; The Exploration. I’m an avid tournament player who have a far-fetched dream in becoming a gravy trainer. The reason I started this blog in the first place was that I liked to share my thoughts and experiences about the game, but I rarely had the time or motivation to write full long articles.

Between 2011 and 2013 I stepped up my ambitions a bit when it came to my writing as I became a featured columnist over at During the spring of 2013 I felt a bit burnt-out between writing my column, updating this blog and my non-Magic life, so decided to put my column on Blackborder on ice for the time being. Currently I’m back to the point where I’m putting up new content here whenever I have the time and something to say, and I’m very much content doing so at this point in my life.

On this blog I’m putting up all sort of content related to my endeavors in and observations of Magic. Reports from tournaments I have played in are common posts here, but really anything between the earth and the sky related to Magic that I feel like I have something to say about might show up here; strategy pieces, deck techs, set and/or card reviews, state of the game and organized play, Magic history and trivia…you name it! I hope you will enjoy reading my content and that you might even become a regular visitor of The Exploration!

Quick Bio:

Name: Bernhard Zander

Born: In November, 1988

Residence: Upplands Väsby, Stockholm

Country: Sweden

Pro Tour Debut: 2010

Magic achievements:

* 2nd @ Swedish Nationals 2010 (and subsequently being a member of Sweden’s National team that year)

* 127th @ Worlds 2010

* 71th @ GP Paris 2011

* 51th @ GP Gothenburg 2013

* Numerous PTQ Top8s

* Lifetime Pro Points (under the old system): 12

* Lifetime Pro Points (under the new system): 1


Occasionally streaming myself playing Magic here:


Twitter: @bzander88

If you would like to send me an email about whatever, please contact me through Twitter first and I will provide with an address.

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